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Today in this era every job is required to performed in an convenient way to efficiently make use of time and effort though having a successful report. Among the this is upgrading Femar Backyard hotel and resort existing manual reservation system to online reservation system. Having this executed, the administrator/head organizer plus the receptionist will have the ability to conveniently access customers within and outside the vicinity of Antipolo. This provides them convenience and less burden of encoding, saving and generating reports personally.

Also with this kind of online reservation system femar’s customers will have the convenience of reserving a living room or reservation an event whenever they want at the comfort of their own home.

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Developing their reservation system which has a more modern on the net based reservation system and better computer software, information refined will become even more precise, trusted, accessible and secure, by using internet, interview and declaration method the proponents advise a simple but systematic execution of an online based booking system in whose software will incorporate modules just like home component, Registration and Verification, Security, booking/event organizing, Log-in, monitoring (calendar, bedrooms, confirmed booking, pending booking, not completed and users/members account), repots, file maintenance, FAQ/help approximately module.



It was year 1991 when FEMAR Backyard Hotel and Resort was initially establish since an outdoor swimming cited by scenic beauty of Taktak Hills, Antipolo City and is about 12-15 minute drive away from Our Woman of Tranquility and Very good Voyage House of worship. It is owned or operated by Felix B. Mariñas of FEMAR Realty and Development Organization. This is totally equipped with 3 sanitized swimming pools, pavilions sheds, umbrellas and family bedrooms to relax and revel in the gratification of our place away from the contaminated area of the vast city. Due to rising with regard to functions and retreat locations, a center to accommodate conferences, trainings and seminars has been built in 2002″theHotel. The former reception area continues to be restructured and was created in a more pleasurable venue to stay with.

Completely caused double, triple to quintiple standard and executive bedrooms with individual hygienic snooze rooms, closets, intercoms, etc ., this area serves as a perfect idea for recreation as well as a suitable venue to commemorate your personal day just like birthday, marriage, anniversaries and many others. The existing program in Femar Garden Resort and Vacation resort still utilizes a manual treatment in making reports with their reservation including log publication, planner, visitor book and also other forms. Even the transferring and sorting of data/ data are done manually which can cause inaccurate data. The current reservation system is carried out through completing a sign up form given by the company in which the client needs to indicate a few personal information and data’s regarding the reservation which seems to be redundant and inappropriate. Using their existing program, the security of each and every files are very low because only held it within a folder and stored that in a submitting cabinet which is often access by any illegal person inside the company. The possibility of misplacing and tampering the files are at a high risk.

Upgrading to a new and even more modern program will benefit not just the organization but most specially all their clients/customers. With the aid of the internet, the corporation can now have advantage to advertising their particular company not merely within the vicinity of Antipolo yet also outdoors its area. Errors via manually making of studies and saving of customers data will probably be lessen because the system can automatically check the information ahead of generating the needed reports thus bringing on a lesser requirement for administrators/staff to double check papers works plus the needs of processing way too many information will be reduced. Simply by integrating their particular reservation system with a modern-day online primarily based reservation system and better software, info processed will end up more precise, reliable, accessible and protect.

By the use of net, interview and observation technique the proponents suggest a simple yet methodical implementation associated with an online structured reservation program whose software will include themes such as home module, Enrollment and Verification, Security, booking/event planning, Log-in, monitoring (calendar, rooms, confirmed reservation, pending reservation, certainly not completed and users/members account), repots, file maintenance, FAQ/help and about module. The supporters gathered every available info by means of the internet, library declaration and selection interviews with administrator/head organizer. To ascertain if the proposed system is feasible, a Feasibility Study can be conducted to provide alternative methods to the existing program. The system has been tested intended for feasibility in the following techniques:

Technical feasibility is concerned with all the hardware and software needed in order to develop the suggested system. The proponents chosen software including Windows several Starter Model 32 tad (OEM) to get the operating system, PHP edition 5 since the front end and MY PERSONAL SQL back-end in this system. The use of a website name over the internet can also be required to efficiently implement the internet reservation. Detailed feasibility will determine whether or not the proposed system have enough helpful its implementation. This will require the assigned personnel in order to develop the said recommended system, such as the researcher that may investigate the study of the existing program, to know the style that will be appropriate for the improvement in the system.

The machine analyst may be the one to make a plan on how the proposed system would work, and what features are required to service the user of the system. Finally the programmer provides life for the new system, with the info gathered in the researcher and the system analyst. He/she will design and install the program needed to finest create the new system. The end-users is definitely accountable in operating the system as opposed to the designer of the system who is accountable for adding and updating new function and features to get the end-users.

Economic feasibility includes a broad range of issues that include expense benefit analysis which includes the price and expenditures, as well as the likely benefits and projected return on investment. This will help the administrators to determine if they may pursue with this project.


Based on the data stated in Phase I and based on the data gathered, the proponents surmise that the FEMAR Garden Hotel and Hotel is in need of a reservation program upgrade and also have come up with the correct solution. The proponents have got devised a system that will reduces costs of the procedure of processing reservations with a web based reservation system with the following modules:

1 ) ) Raising the security and confidentiality of each files and report by giving a security component, a log-in form that will have two (2) levels of access. The first would be the administrator in the system plus the customer pertaining to the second amount of access. Every single will have a unique username and password as a result making the machine more anchored not only pertaining to the company yet also to other users with the system. Additionally only those who find themselves registered associates of the system will have the privileged of reserving and booking of rooms and events, thus restricting unregistered members from reserving/booking a space or function, making all their system even more organized and efficient.

2 . )With the implementation of MySQL five. 0 while the systems back end which is more advance and features additional features beat other directories, the company could have the benefit of a more affordable data storage space because it is popular and liberal to download moreover it is very easy to customize, the user can customize it is function while using knowledge of technological know-how. Furthermore data’s that are stored in MySQL are very attainable and can be conveniently manipulated which has a basic knowledge of Structured Issue Language (SQL) which is easy to learn and use, and is available on distinct operating systems furthermore creating backup for the saved data’s will provide simplicity for every user of the program.

3. ) The system will give you a monitoring module that could display an understanding of the system which is available only to admin. With this kind of the admin can certainly view which in turn dates are available or not available for any event reservation, this will likely also suggest which room/function halls are available for reservation; furthermore the system will even provide an arranged view of confirmed booking, pendingreservations, not really completed reservation and user’s overview as it is computerized and required for real time, just about every reservation completed will immediately be counted and will display the remaining readily available dates and room/function halls.

4. )Searching and finding of records would be simpler since there would be a search module that would filter all the necessary records. Possessing a search module will minimize the time to look for records that is certainly done by hand on the existing system.

5. ) Upgrading to on the net based system will help the organization to increase all their exposure to different possible client/s in and out in the country. In addition the website will have twenty four (24) hours get for owners. Aside from increasing the company’s publicity, this will likewise serve as their particular competitive web marketing strategy promotion with their company to overcome the other competitor’s innovation.


In this era there is an increasing demand for a faster plus more high tech method of processing or doing any kind of transactions. Almost all of the Hotels offer goods and services applying web-based program. It helps to do task in an easy approach with a fraction of the time consumed. A few companies are turn into fully automatic while others shoot for the manual procedure about making reservations. Femar resort and back garden resorts manual reservation and booking program old, out-of-date, worn down, and cannot be expected to be applied to the increasing with regard to a higher and much better companies. The supporters recommend to the next developer or perhaps future investigator to: 1 . Include the company’s other extra services within the booking/reservation system. 2 . Upgrade the system to online request, so that the customer can easily have a feedback or answer once they send a great inquiry or message. several. Upgrade the device by which include online repayment through PayPal, thus giving all their client the simplicity easily and immediatelypaying all their reservation cost without leaving their own residence. 4. Incorporate an audit trail, to track the time of log-in and log-out from the user. your five. Enable editing of content material for additional modules.