Supply Chain Management and Distribution Centers Essay

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1 . Wal-Mart has been capable to achieve respected leadership inside the retail sector because of its concentrate on supply sequence management. Go over in detail the distribution and logistics program adopted simply by Wal-Mart.

Ans: As the world’s greatest retailer with net revenue of almost $219 billion for the financial year 2002, Wal-Mart is considered a “best-in-class” company for its supply chain management methods. These procedures are a important competitive benefits that have empowered Wal-Mart to obtain leadership inside the retail market through a concentrate on increasing operational efficiency and on customer requirements Wal-Mart’s company website calls “logistics” and “distribution” the heart of its operation, one that maintains millions of items moving to customers each day of the year. Wal-Mart’s total Supply sequence is aligned to provide optimum value to its customers by Every single day low prices in its Stores.

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Wal-Mart’s highly-automated circulation centers, which in turn operate twenty-four hours a day and are dished up by Wal-Mart’s truck fleet, are the first step toward its growth strategy and supply network. In the United States alone, the corporation has more than 40 regional distribution centers for transfer flow and even more than 140 distribution centers for home-based flow. The moment entering a fresh geographic arena, the company initially determines in the event the area will be able to contain enough stores to support a circulation center.

Every single distribution middle supports among 75 to 100 retail stores within a 250-mile area. Every center is built, stores will be gradually constructed around it to saturate the area plus the distribution network is realigned to maximize efficiencies through a procedure termed “reoptimization”. The result is a “trickle-down” effect: trucks do not need to travel because far to retail stores to generate deliveries, short distances reduce transportation costs and lead time, and shorter lead time means holding fewer safety products on hand.

If disadvantages do take place, replenishment could be made faster because stores receive daily deliveries from distribution centers. The company’s hub-and-spoke distribution network utilizes a system of manufacturer storage area with client pickup. Not any inventory is definitely stored at Wal-Mart’s division centers. Wal-Mart’s fleet of a few, 500 dedicated trucks and also 50, 500 trailers are accustomed to pick up merchandise directly from manufacturers’ warehouses, therefore eliminating intermediaries and increasing responsiveness.

The use of trucks raises transportation costs but is definitely justified with regards to reduced products on hand. Merchandise brought in by vehicle to division centers can be sorted to get delivery to stores inside 24 to 48 hours. Yet , certain goods, such as automobile and medication products, will be delivered straight to stores simply by suppliers. Wal-Mart, a master in the strategies technique of cross-docking, also has store-specific orders packed and shipped directly to the store by manufacturer.

Because Wal-Mart’s quickly, responsive transportation operations will be such a major part of the company’s successful logistics system, great care is taken inside the hiring, training, supervising, and assigning of drivers’ agendas and job responsibilities. In the onset of his retailing career, Wal-Mart president Sam Walton recognized the importance of employing experienced people and of building loyalty not only in his consumers but as well in his employees. The company hires only experienced drivers that have driven much more than 300, 500 accident-free a long way and who it feels will be devoted to customer service. The retail stores are viewed as important “customers” of the syndication centers.

Mentioned previously in the “Private Fleet New driver Handbook” that each driver has a copy of, drivers are expected to be “polite” and “kind” when dealing with store workers and others. Additionally to made up of a driver’s code of conduct, the Private Navy Driver Guide gives guidelines and guidelines for pursuing pre-planned travelling routes and schedules, the responsible unloading of a pick up truck trailer for a store, and the safe-guarding of Wal-Mart’s property. For instance , although motorists deliver loaded trailers inside the afternoon and evening several hours, a trailers can be taken to the store’s docks only at its slated unloading time.

Because unloading is done for two-hour periods during the night, a driver is definitely expected to spend the night, getting back to the circulation center by a pre-scheduled time with an empty movie trailer. Coordinators carefully monitor the detailed documents of each driver’s activities intended for adherence to rules. Violations are addressed according to handbook techniques, which include employee education in order to avoid future situations of incorrect actions. By simply effectively controlling every aspect of its transportation businesses and treating its drivers fairly, Wal-Mart gets results that are unparalleled in the strategies arena.

Guidelines are a step to consistency, which leads to preparedness, which then causes proper setup. To gain maximum out of cross-docking, Walmart had to help to make fundamental within its method of managerial control. The cross-docking system changed the practice of extremely centralized decision at Corporate level.

The machine shifted major from “supply chain” to the “demand chain” which meant that instead of the merchant ‘pushing ‘products into the program; customers could ‘pull’ products, when and where they will needed.