Alternating current Essay Examples

The life and contributions to science of nikola

Nikola Tesla Tesla, Nikola (July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943), developer and power engineer, came to be in Smiljan, Croatia and died in New York City, Nyc, the child of Milutin and Ðuka Tesla, both these styles which were Orthodox priests. His mother Ðuka invented little household kitchen appliances, which induced Tesla’s affinity for […]

Ohm’s law Essay

An electronics manufacturer needs resistors of five ohms and 15 ohms for a fresh electrical unit. My task is to research how the resistance of a bit of wire will depend on length also to find the size of the wire needed to make the required resistors, using only 4 volts. Introduction/Planning A selection of […]

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War of the Currents Essay

Since the commencing of civilization there have been many wars which have been fought, yet one struggle which was refrained from any blood shed started to be famous of. This was referred to as “war with the currents”. This is a unique fight of supremacy between Jones Edison and Nickola Tesla, both were exceptionally talented […]