Arunachal Pradesh Essay Examples

The present connection between china and india

India Issues Determined for choosing the study India begins one of many countries which has a large number of foule and it is one of many top speediest growing financial systems in the world. Speaking about China how it is developing there is nothing hidden away from your global marketplace and also at the same […]

Disaster management of majuli essay

INTRODUCTION Majuli is one of the greatest river destinations in the world (26 45N ” 27 12N and 93 39 E ” 94 35 éminence of 60 ” 95m above msl). The original land mass of Majuli was 1250 Sq km (1950) which has significantly reduced to 650 Sq . km (2001) due to erosion. […]

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A comparison of life with seasons in nature

At do you understand by the Standard Meridian? Answer Regular Meridian is a longitude on the basis of which a country’s common time is determined. Standard meridians all over the world are usually those longitudes which are precisely divisible by 15. The Standard Meridian of India lies at 82 30² At the longitude and it […]