Coral reefs Essay Examples

Physical geology the indian ocean thesis

Tsunami, Myanmar, Volcano, Bangladesh Research from Thesis: In fact , the entire damage was brought on by the tsunami itself as well as other factors like the geology and geography from the region. The damage that the tsunami caused to mainland India, a seismically quiescent location, was targeted mainly for the eastern coastline but some […]

Geographical feature of the wonderful barrier

Australia, Barrier Saltwater, Coral Saltwater The truly amazing Barrier Saltwater The truly amazing Barrier Reef is the biggest group of coral reefs reefs in the world. That stretches over the coast within the north-east element of Australia. It can be called the Great Barrier Reef because it makes a barrier between your Pacific Ocean plus […]

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Travel Destination: Palawan Island Essay

The Last Frontier A great island of pristine seas and virgin forests, Palawan is equally a warm paradise and a wildlife sanctuary. The ecological riches is both equally a natural question and a surreal escape from the busyness of city streets. This exotic heaven is an excellent holiday of pristine beaches, subterranean caves, and coral […]