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The review, Equality

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Technology and the Individual Condition

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Will Technology Impact the Human Condition

Many people see technology as the saving grace of humanity, so as to improve the human condition. Nevertheless , as technology becomes increasingly more integrated into our day to day lives, most are beginning to see technology more being a burden to humanity compared to its deliverer. Instead of getting people jointly, many argue that technology has done more to keep people separate and remote and indicate the fact that technology is at a replace man interaction in lots of aspects of life. In his tale “Harrison Bergeron, ” Kurt Vonnegut creates a dystopian foreseeable future where technology is used to enforce equal rights, with the end result being that the warmth and nurturing of human being interaction can be replaced with remoteness and cold callousness. Also, Jonah Lehrer’s essay, entitled “We Robots, ” reviews Sherry Turkle’s new publication which relates to her accept technology as well as its interference in the human condition. Both works, one which handles fiction plus the other actuality, explore how technology may come to replace human being interaction as well as the tragic outcomes that can take place.

The world of 2081 is not a world which any rational person would hope to find out if Kurt Vonnegut’s dystopian future comes accurate; as it is a location where everybody if forced to be equal, regardless of ridiculous the attempt to do so. The Bergeron’s, George, Hazel, and their child Harrison are in a world exactly where intelligent people have buzzers in their heads to keep them by being also smart, and beautiful persons must put on masks to hide their confronts so different, less eye-catching people, may feel bad. While Vonnegut himself stated “Nobody was better than anyone else. No person was better looking than anybody otherwise. ” (Vonnegut) Every normal advantage can be handicapped by the government for making everyone exactly equal, and everyone seems content to live in a place where everyone is made as stupid because the stupidest person so that as weak because the poorest.

As a result of the government’s attempt for equalization, the people live in a great emotionally isolated existence where they are not able to connect or perhaps sympathize with other folks in their culture. Technology can be used to impose equality on everyone, it has the side-effect of getting rid of human discussion from people’s lives. In a world where everyone is required to be equal, high are no variations between persons, there is no need to produce real human relationships. When many people are the same, there is no need to connect to someone who would bring things to the partnership that a person is inadequate. In short, there is no way to “complete” your self through personal relationships.

In the same way, Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together also discusses