Teenage Awareness of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Barbados Essay

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During this task many persons offered their assist with me. First of all I’d love to thank Ms.

Baptiste my personal CAS teacher for her persistence and direction, as well as the associates of my personal survey because of their participation. Finally I’d prefer to thank my family and good friends for their support and encouragement. Introduction The subject I have chosen is the degrees of awareness of the contraction of sexually sent diseases between Barbadian teens.

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I have picked this matter because of the intensity of effect it can include on Barbadian society without right knowledge. Without knowledge our Barbadian teenagers can make reckless decisions and cause a great outbreak of sexually sent diseases. Sexually transmitted conditions, more commonly generally known as STD’s happen to be among the world’s most commonly caught diseases. They can be painful, irritating, contagious and sometimes fatal. Sexually transmitted illnesses are very simple to catch, but are also very easy to prevent.

You will discover very many different types of STDs, even more harmful than others, just like Chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, and HIV/aids. In this study Let me attempt to assess fifteen young adults from Queens College based on a ages among 11 and 19 through a survey. From your results of those questionnaires, organisations such as can benefit from these by taking my outcomes and putting in effect actions to educate Barbadian teens about sexually transmitted diseases to prevent widespread breakouts. Literature Assessment Teens in many cases are at elevated risk for STDs compared to different age groups.

This is certainly likely because teens are more inclined to have unprotected sex and also multiple companions. A lack of obtainable information about avoidance and treatment plans, as well as a identified stigma surrounding STD’s, may also deter teens from in search of help whenever they need it. It was stated by Susan Carney from Youngsters Development (USA), April second 2008.

This kind of study on teens will probably be proven/ disproven in my research through my own surveys among the 15 teens I will evaluate. In my research I also available that, 12, 000 Teens will contract an A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE this year and of those 15, 000, 5500 Teens will certainly contract HIV or Chlamydia (more common among young adults than more mature adults), Gonorrhoea also is identified to have bigger rates in teens than older adults. As many as 15% of sexually active teen women will be infected with HPV, various with the type of HPV related to cervical cancer. Many Sexually transmitted diseases were found to have handful of or no symptoms and were NOT a part of Normal STD Tests.

This information was taken from findings of stats made by Glen Davis through the “StopThinkDecide” enterprise in 3 years ago (USA). Awareness of the dangers of HIV/Aids is definitely decreasing amongst young people at the same time when fewer are practising safe sexual, as uncovered by Owen Bowcott in 2009. He conducted a survey on young adults to discover just how unaware they can be of the dangers of Hiv/Aids. His findings showed that nearly 60% of 16- to 24-year-olds questioned thought they were not really at risk of contracting the infection following having unshielded, at risk sex and 8% presumed taking a contraceptive pill offered protection against illness.

Furthermore, almost 14% believed the fact that they can were not gay and lesbian ensured they could not deal HIV/Aids. This survey of 2, 550 young people was carried out for the Staying Alive Foundation charitable organisation, which is supported by MTV UK and the Body system Shop. Info Collection Sources Each of the literary texts that we have evaluated has helped to gain an improved understanding of this kind of overall matter. This is because the information discovered, had been generalized from a percentage from the world’s population.

If this method was to be repeated with another percentage of the population and the two surveys’ outcome was reviewed and compared, this may prove them to be dependable as the results would be the same. It is because School education has an grow older requirement ahead of a child has more information about STDs and sexual intercourse worldwide. Therefore , kids of the norm worldwide could have the same understanding level while the other at a specific age. My own method of research (questionnaire and survey) offers helped in bettering my knowledge of this kind of topic since I was capable of gain quantitative data that supported the information of different literary text messaging and surveys.

Also, I had been able to gain a minimal amount of qualitative information that allowed me personally to understand more about the particular areas of this kind of topic Teenagers are unaware of. It was minimal since many effective questionnaires and studies have established questions which usually must be generalised to the community. Presentation of Findings How much people who chose the correct sexually transmitted disorders on my study is shown below in the bar graph. All of the participants chose HIV/Aids as a great STD.

Determine below shows a pub chart with results from AN STD choices. About 11% of students older 11-19 performed know that sexually transmitted diseases can be sent through blow jobs Over 22% of learners thought that almost all STDs is seen by one’s physical appearance when 78% select that it is not necessarily shown by one’s physical appearance. A total of 44% of people studied in the questionnaire thought that all homosexuals a new lesser risk at contracting STDs whilst 33% explained they did certainly not know and 23% thought that all homosexuals a new higher risk for contracting STDs.

22% of students analyzed did not know that sexually transmitted diseases could be transmitted through blood transfusions. The question was asked, “What age groups will be most troubled by STDs? ” and 56% of people clarified that the age ranges 16-20 are definitely more affected by STDs. This is shown in the chart below. 00% of people who got the survey chose that most people were vunerable to STDs.

Though 33% of individuals answered that they can thought 11-20% of Barbadian were coping with Aids, 33% of people likewise didn’t understand. Shown in the chart below. 56% of students selected contraception like a method to prevent STDs, while 78% of students chose abstinence. This really is shown inside the graph beneath. 89% of people surveyed hand picked the internet and health clinics as methods to obtain information on STDs.

This is shown in the chart under. 7% of students selected HIV/Aids as the utmost contracted disease throughout the Caribbean. This is demonstrated below. 67% of pupils chose a sore that is painful and doesn’t go away as the main regarding STDs. Model of Conclusions Findings show that the knowing of sexually transmitted diseases offers often recently been questioned numerous younger technology.

After performing a survey to investigate just how aware Barbadian teenagers happen to be of these STDs, results communicated that truthful information was lacking drastically amongst the youngest of the youthful population, starting from 11-13 years old. According to my data, I believe the kid lack this kind of key details due to the vague education received about sexual activity, and Sexually transmitted diseases from School environments. However , despite the fact that these young people do not have a broad awareness of these types of diseases off their School. My own findings have shown that School education remains to be the primary supply for youngsters to gain this kind of sexual knowledge.

This is noticeable since other school children which were surveyed that ranged from time of 14-19 showed a lot more in-depth comprehension of STDs and forms of contraception. Statements of some, illustrated that this awareness was mostly received from other school education. Therefore , as we can see, elderly aged pupils have more awareness of STDs, while the younger kinds do not due to School systems having a great age need.

This is to ensure that students to learn more about these sexually transmitted diseases when they are ready. Discussion of Findings It was proven in the survey that between your ages eleven and 13, students had been disturbingly unacquainted with the various ways of contracting sexually transmitted disorders, furthermore different types of sexually transmitted diseases. This was not shown during the past researches gathered in my books review. Pyschological data reports that all teens studied happen to be moderately mindful of the various disorders and are conscious of methods to contract these people. The government provides put an adequate investment into making teenagers more mindful of sexually sent diseases.

It had been studied during my lit assessment that many teenagers were uninformed but the region the studies were obtained from were different and may have less education on the anxiete of sexually transmitted conditions in teens. My research was also taken in an extremely small scale although studies including Susan Carney’s were consumed in much larger range making her study much more likely to be exact. Limitations Since the survey was small and was only completed on 35 students, the survey might not be accurate for the entire percentage understanding of Barbados.

As well because some of the questions may have been too personal to ask, some of the required data could not end up being gathered due to the delicacy in the subject. The survey was only handed out at school where persons may have been even more educated, as a result more aware so the results may not be correct. Recommendations My own recommendations will be that the federal government should educate students by a youthful age about sexually sent diseases due to the high charge at which 11-13 year olds answered the questions incorrect. Since the age group at which young adults are having sexual intercourse is getting young and younger it is only important to educate our future ages to help stop an outbreak outbreak of STDs soon.

Parents should also play a vital role in this by talking to their kids from early ages so that they can be aware of the seriousness of STDs. Conclusion The lack of consciousness seems to be by younger ages yet they can be still the ones from age with out knowledge of contraction of STDs. With the high amount of infected persons in the Caribbean these respondents should be more aware.

My conclusion is the fact young people needs to be made more aware of the impact of STDs on society and how to stop the outbreak of the STDs.