“The Black Table is Still There” by Lawrence Otis Graham ...

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Topics: Black, Lawrence, There,
Published: 06.02.2020 | Words: 139 | Views: 669
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When he was a jr high school scholar, whom would graham to take responsiblity for the existence of the exclusively dark-colored lunch table? Whom or perhaps what does he now discover as the reason for the table’s existence? In junior secondary school Graham blames the “blacks” for the presence of the “black table” this individual believed they isolated and segregated themselves.

In actuality the existence of the table was all others who seperated themselves, it absolutely was because we were holding only dedicated to the “black table” and couldn’t appear to see that the other dining tables around them had been just as the “black table” just with the type of people. Graham talks about maybe it’s the color difference that makes all-black tables or all-black teams attract scrutiny and wrath of so many people.

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