The differences between cambodian and american

Published: 07.04.2020 | Words: 556 | Views: 393
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All over the world, there are many countries, and each region has their personal tradition, world, culture etc and so forth. When i want a Cambodia and UAS, they can be not exactly the same. Even though UNITED STATES has motivated some circumstances of lifestyle to Cambodia, these two countries differ in family buildings, religion, and school awareness reflect the differences between Cambodian and American culture. Virtually all Cambodia, is the foundation of Khmer cultural structure.

The nuclear friends and family has good ties to extended friends and family including friends, aunts, future uncles, and grandma and grandpa.

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Moreover, adult children are expected to live at home until matrimony. Children are brought up as an important part of the family unit and are also expected to contribute to the overall wellbeing of the whole family. Contrary to Cambodian lifestyle, American, the family unit is very all scuba divers, but generally that tends to be small , and other relatives may live in different parts of the country.

Another point is that adult youngsters are encouraged to leave the nuclear along with become independence before matrimony.

Unlike Cambodia, in USA, children are not supposed to contribute the welfare in the whole friends and family. Cambodia and UAS as well differ in religion. To be sure, Buddhism may be the majority faith in Cambodia. As a result, in 1989, the federal government declared that Buddhism was your main religion. The belief in Buddhist concepts and educating often master daily life.

Additionally, upon the death of close relative, family members, which include children, they may wear light to express their very own mourning. Additionally , some kids may have on a black scarf on their heads when they express all their mourning to get a mother or father. As opposed to Cambodia, American, Protestantism is the majority religious beliefs. Religion will not interfere with educating in the community school setting. In addition , loss of life of the close relative or family members is normally limited a week for grieving, especially special clothing to mark mourning is not worn away from traditional support.

The last interesting point of my dissertation is concentrating on the school awareness. In Cambodia, students haven’t tendency to seek help using their teacher after they do not understand a thing in the classroom since they have the culture or perhaps habit to be shy. Moreover, Cambodian father and mother regard educators and administrations as expert figures and can defer to them once there are dilemmas situation. Contrary to our nation about the college perceptions, at school of USA, children will ask for help from educator when they need it.

On the other hand, in USA, mother and father are expected to head to school for any variety of factors such as volunteer activities for school and school panel meeting. Without a doubt, depending on my own realizing, because of cultural distinctions, between Cambodian and American culture all of us cannot state which one excellent or awful and right or wrong. As we know, simply no two countries have every thing 100 percent similar; especially culture always has some kinds of differences. Consequently , I’m very happy to know the diverse points of culture, and I feel very happy to be a area of the world.