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The Functionalist theory of couchette is more relevant According to Haralambus and Holborn, couche is referred to as a particular form of social inequality. That is, the presence of distinctive groups which can be ranked 1 above the other in terms of factors such as prestige and prosperity. Functionalism and Marxism are both sociological points of views that ask and condition certain theories about society and the people that live within just it.

That they both make clear how contemporary society influences people and how people influences society.

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According to Marx and Engels, 70, “the driving force of almost all societies is the conflict involving the rich and powerful fraction who control the culture and the helpless and poor majority who have survive only by employed by the rich and strong. In studying Karl Marx’s perspective upon stratification, you are going to clearly recognize that he thought whatever marketplace was the norm at any once in history is exactly what determined the nature of the classes of people for the reason that society.

In other words that determined the social stratification of contemporary society as a whole. Marx saw the fact that current marketplace of industrialized capitalism got created two major classes of people and one fairly minor 1.

The upper class he named the Bourgeoisie were the class of people who owned or operated and managed the means of production of society, The bottom class he called the Proletariat had been common employees who possessed nothing but the justification to sell their own labor and third school which he called the petty Bourgeoisie or tiny capitalists were people just like lawyers, doctors, architects, small businesses proprietors and other likewise situated people who were wealthier than the common laborer yet did not individual or control the ways of production.

Functionalist views culture as a whole which any theory that develops has to function with the contemporary society as a whole. You will find three main Functionalists that dealt with the stratification theory and just read was Talcott Parsons, Kingsley Davis and Wilbert Moore. In accordance to Davis and Moore, filling the positions inside s interpersonal structure with all the most accomplished people can be described as basic need of sny world and so it is accomplished throughout the unequal syndication of benefits. People have being motivated to fill certain positions and perform their duties. Stratification, or bumpy distribution of rewards makes sure that the most talented and educated individuals will fulfill the social roles of greatest importance and thus, couche encourages all members of society to work to the best of their particular ability.

The 2 theories are so different that they can only have commonalities. Marxist perceives society as being a domination tradition where one group stands above the rest; The leaders are certainly not sharing the subordination and misery of the working course, whereas the Functionalist feels that culture is among shared beliefs; it works jointly and stocks and shares perspectives to succeed in common ends. Functionalists as well views culture as an organism with each element of society being a necessary piece. Marxism have been extremely apparent in your Caribbean even since the slavery period. The bourgeoisie Western planters exploited the dark slaves might be the plantocracy system. This system of couchette clearly reveals multiple attributes of the Marxist theory. This technique has served as the building blocks of the contemporary Caribbean world we live in today.

You will discover multiple bourgeoisie-proletariat systems over the Caribbean tend to be less apparent than during the times of plantocracy. However the Caribbean region is definitely governed by functionalism which is portrayed for a larger range as our society consist of interdependent parts relying on one another. We are molded by the affects and businesses in culture and less of what the higher classes show so how will there be a claim that Marxism much more relevant than functionalism in the Caribbean approach to stratification? To summarize, both hypotheses attempts to explain how contemporary society influences people and in the same way how persons influences world, but when evaluating the stratification system inside the Caribbean, the functionalist theory of couchette is more relevant than the Marxist theory mainly because in the Caribbean you will find even more class societies being meritocracies than there exists class conflict

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