The Hundred Years War Essay

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The Hundred Years Warfare, a critical element of our record. It was terrible and never finishing. This battle changed the social and economic position of many countries over this kind of long period of time.

Many people died, in the event not in the war after that from the scary disease referred to as The Black Death. The war changed the English and Portugal people’s lives forever. Joan of Arc, a French peasant girl that brought the supreme French achievement.

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She said that God spoke to her, and told her that Ruler Charles VII had to be crowned and if french soldiers stopped cursing and doing mischievous things, then they will beat the British. The French men listened to what she were required to say plus the English left France. In Documents half a dozen and seven we are offered the albhabets that Joan wrote for the king.

The lady wrote those inside a requiring tone, asking the king of Britain to return each of the things he took away from your French people. Document half a dozen says “She is directed by Goodness to claim back the royal blood, and is fully able to make peace, if you can give her pleasure. ” In document several it says “King of England, allow me to explain do these matters, I are the commander of the armed forces and in no matter what place We shall locate your guys in England, I will make them flee the nation. ” This means that Joan wished everything that was taken from France back, in case the King declined to return these she endangered him with God. The lady was saying that if the British do not follow to her phrases they will be injured by the benefits of God.

Portugal didn’t seriously benefit from the battle, they were mainly harmed because of it. In paperwork 1, three or more, 5 we could told regarding the The english language intrusion in France. In document several it says “These mischievous people thus assembled without captain or perhaps armor swindled, brent and slew all gentlemen that they can could lay down hands on, and forced and ravished ladies and damsels. ” In documents 1 and a few we are likewise told that because the The english language had simply no mercy and killed everybody including farmers, there was no more agriculture in France. Each of the lands were uncultivated.

The sole agriculture that was remaining was next to urban centers and cities so robbers wouldn’t manage to steal crops. At the end of war Portugal regained all the lands that were taken away from their website by England. The only town that they couldn’t regain was Calais. French reconquered Normandy and kicked out the English language from Aquitaine.

This tragic war that lasted a century seemed like it would never end, but it would. It had negative consequences to get both Great britain and France. Sometimes it possibly seemed like no one even appreciated what it was caused by.

All this started from England and Italy not being able to determine who earned the Aquitaine. Maybe if they did, every thing could of turned out in a different way. Maybe most of these innocent persons wouldn’t of died from a horrific death and would of lived happily.