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The Outsiders

Without parents-or good kinds at least- where would you become today? In a gang, in jail, or perhaps dead? Which is lifestyle so many children and adults face and it is no several in The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton, where very good parents and a whole friends and family are far and few between. Almost everyone inside the gang, via Johnny to Bob can be experiencing or perhaps has skilled at some point parent issues which seldom is not related to them staying in a bunch and under-going mental and/or physical stress. Hinton masterfully lets your readers infer the underlying theme of such common problems between the gang users. By the end from the book, it’s quite evident that parenting, and family in general, is an important component to how people develop and exactly how they live their lives.

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One of the first and most visible examples of this in the novel is Johnny’s case terribly of abusive parents. His parents defeat him and make him feel unwelcome to the point where this individual pretty much lives on the roadways. Because of his family’s harmful behavior, Johnny joins a gang to get even a miniscule concept of what is actually like to have a family. Even though he is in the hospital, fragile and vulnerable, his parents’ cruelty was never neglected. “A registered nurse appeared in the doorway. ‘Johnny, ‘ the girl said silently, “your single mother’s here to find out you. ‘ Johnny opened up his sight. At first we were holding wide with surprise, then they darkened. ‘I don’t want to see her”. His parents’ mistreatment towards Ashton even leads him to look for himself for the streets when he gets dived by Socs and eliminates one of them which will subsequently contributes to his death. Due to his terrible conditions, Ponyboy actually describes him at the beginning of the novel as, “a small dark doggie who’s recently been kicked too many times and is also lost in a crowd a strangers”. Even though this judgment may include seemed harsh at the beginning of the book, that may be exactly what Ashton was, as well as the quote demonstrates the point which the reason he found himself in a team was due to him getting “kicked about too much” by his parents. Ashton could of been a tremendously different and more powerful person experienced it not recently been for the iron closed fist of nasty his father and mother had clenched him with.

Even though it’s much less evident in the novel, there are some alternatively large suggestions towards the fact that the Curtis boys would’ve been a much different and even more successful in every area of your life had it not been to get the death of their father and mother and an auto crash. It’s mostly hinted that Darry wouldve finished school and completed something along with his life prior to the need for a parent or guardian figure appeared in the Curtis family. Because of this instantaneous succession and him needing to enjoy the part of two parents for 3 children, Ponyboy makes a remark at the beginning of the book that sums it up nicely. “But then, Darry’s gone through a lot in his 20 years, grown up too quickly. What Ponyboy is declaring here is that Darry acquired matured very quickly and he later feedback that this individual dropped college to take care of Sodapop and Ponyboy. “One period, Steve made the mistake of referring to him as ‘all brawn, not any brains, ‘ and Darry almost broken Steve’s jawDarry has never actually gotten more than not going to university. ” Darry quite certainly wouldve turn into a different person than having been in the book in the event his father and mother were nonetheless alive as a result of his feeling of necessity to dropout of school and him becoming the father figure and maturing very quickly. Parenting or perhaps lack thereof plainly took its toll within the Curtis relatives.

A single last example of bad parenting or deficiency of family ultimately causing unfortunate or perhaps unwanted results is usually Bob Sheldon. All the information regarding Bob that the reader receives is either coming from Randy, Cherry or from inferencing and reading between lines. Rowdy tells Ponyboy that Frank wasnt good bad person but his parents let him do anything that he wanted with no sense of boundary, limit, or consequence which usually led to him joining a gang and terrorizing the Greasers. Cherry wood also reinforces a similar image of Bob becoming a good person after Ponyboy inviting her to visit Johnny in the medical center and her declining saying, “‘You only knew his bad side. Maybe he is sweet sometimes, and friendly. But when this individual got intoxicated. “. Frank had a great side nevertheless his bad side was a monster feeding off his parents’ negligence than it. His parents never possibly showed a watching and even caring eye about Bob’s activities which leads to his death in the long run. The inference the reader should make about Bob is usually near the end of the novel where Ponyboy is looking via an old yearbook and finally recognizes the Greg that Cherry wood knew. “What was this individual like? I knew he liked to pick arguements, had the standard Soc perception that living on the Western Side built you Mister. Supper-Tuff, looked good in darker wine-colored knitted garments and was proud of his rings. But you may be wondering what about the Bob Sheldon that Cherry Valance understood? “. This is a moment of realization to Ponyboy, in which he sees the actual Bob, not the one his parents permit take hold of him through turning a blind eye to his habit. Maybe if perhaps he had better parents he wouldnt possess died this kind of a young death.

In the novel, The Outsiders simply by S. At the. Hinton, child-rearing plays a large role in developing heroes and influencing their decisions from Johnny to Bob- two extremely opposites. That affects who they actually are, what they do and a lot importantly, who they become in the novel. Parenting can have a positive or bad affect and bad child-rearing can cause visitors to be dropped in life, and die in the cases of Johnny and Bob. Through clear examples in the book, this kind of a theme is almost hard to miss, and it takes on such an important role in the development of each and every persona.