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The Motorbike Diaries is known as a story depicting events in the life of two young men who plan to go on a trip on a bike across South usa to see actually, the region that they live in and had just read about inside the books. It shows an inspiring journey which involves self-discovery as well as the revolutionary center of the youth adults in planning to change the contemporary society they occupied (Guevara, d. p). The film involves Alberto Granado and Ernesto Guevara entre ma Serna, real-life personalities whom lived in Argentines.

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, also known as “El Che that is a medical student and who has centered on leprology wonderful friend Alberto, a biochemist, in 1952 bid their families goodbye and as well as Ernesto’s girlfriend, Chichina Ferreyra, and start a journey of almost 8, 000 kilometers on a motorcycle, “La Poderosa [“The Mighty One] in 1952. The bike requires the tow farther away from the comfort of Buenos Surfaces to some fascinating destinations (Guevara, n.

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p). The trip leads the two to become more friends, like brothers delivered of the same mom. It is also to get noted that over the course of all their 8, 1000 miles journey, they arrive at make a discovery of themselves beyond the discovery of their continent. That they find out using their travel which the continent is usually riddled with a lot of infinite sorrow as well as hope. Offered across destitute miners, lepers, riverboat prostitutes as well as profitable gentry. This kind of leads these to discover that they have poses affinity to help humanity and the perseverance to bring enhancements made on the world that they lived in.

In the film, you can say that Che is not really a bad guy; therefore I would admit he is a fantastic guy (Guevara, n. p). The first thing that indicates that he is an excellent guy is that despite understanding that if this individual drops out of school right will not be in a position to graduate, he decides to embark on a trip with his good friend Alberto. The 2 decide to use a well used motorcycle to look across the country that they occupied so that they may see how their particular continent appears to be and if the books are telling these people the truth. It is quite rare to discover a person or friend which will embark on a journey that they do not know wherever they are going and for how long by using a motorcycle. Only few people that have a good cardiovascular and are authentic friend might take after the actions that Che decided to have (Guevara, d. p). Furthermore, the factor that indicates that Che is a good person is that through the trip band across all of the places that they went, he stood simply by his friend, showing that he is good person that may be trusted by others. That they underwent similar difficulties with no one time did Che decide to leave the trip and abandon his good friend. He planned to help his friend attain his desire riding over the continent on a motorcycle and Che did not leave right up until his last point of death (Guevara, n. p).

Furthermore, I would personally say that Che is a good guy based on the actions that they engaged in with his friend during their trip across the a large number of regions and areas that they can visited. Che and Alberto were medical students and using the knowledge that they had bought the helped people on the way as they ongoing with their adventure (Guevara, in. p). At every place that they can went, that they felt the necessity to offer assistance to those that had been in need of some medical help. This can be found at a time when Che was treating a certain woman that they can had met and was dying of tuberculosis. Che says that

“It are at times such as this, when a doctor is aware of his complete powerlessness, that he étendu for transform: a change to avoid the injustice of a program in which just a month back this poor woman was still earning her living as being a waitress, wheezing and panting but facing life with dignity¦

The above mentioned statement by simply Che is an indication that he cares about other people inside the society in support of good people do worry about others (Guevara, n. p). He displays selflessness simply by assisting over at no cost and feels disappointed due to the situation that most in the people are in. Che likewise continues that

“¦In conditions like this, persons in poor families who also can’t pay out their way become surrounded by an ambiance of scarcely disguised ill blood; they stop being father, mom, sister or perhaps brother and turn into a simply negative element in the have difficulties for life and, consequently, a source of resentment for the healthy associates of the community who latest their condition as if that were a personal insult to the people who have to support them. 

It is also to become noted that Che says that, “I knew that when the great guiding spirit cleaves humanity in two bloodthirsty halves, I am with the people (Guevara, and. p). Using this statement, you can derive that Che is definitely someone that is concerned with the well being of other people and would do anything to compliment the poor plus the helpless in the society. Therefore is an indication of a great guy in respect to my opinion. Che promises to battle and even perish for the course of guarding the poor inside the society along with want to see the Latin America become a usa continent. The impression that we get of Che is that he is a liberator and a leader who may be ready and willing to undergo through anything at all as long as this individual achieves his dream of possessing a continent exactly where people are cured like people and everyone offers equal possibilities in life to live better (Guevara, n. p). The purposes that Che had for his activities were legitimate and should have some applause since through his motives, the word got to realize the kind of life persons had in South America and the process of change started as a result of his transformation and rebellion. Figures just like Che helped transform the world in terms of equal rights and value for man lives in spite of the differences in social status of folks (Guevara, n. p). A liberator, a fighter, defender of the poor, selfless man, courageous, and adventurous are just some of the words that can be used to sum up the actions and motives that Che viewed as it is portrayed in the The Motorcycle Schedules.


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