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Diet plan

Diet plan plays an elementary part in people’s lives. The food persons eat, has a immense impact on their health and well-being. (Food diseases) Because James Douglas-Hamilton said, “what we eat is definitely, of course , what we choose to eat, and that should always be the case” (Douglas-Hamilton, 1996, p3). However , people should still be conscious of their diet choices.

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The main enemy of a healthy diet is, of course , sugars. Nowadays, sugars dominates meals economy. It is just a well-known fact that sugar is an extremely addictive substance, and it can result in obesity, heart problems or even cancers. Sugar can be as addictive since an A school drug, in fact it is found in a lot of the food that may be consumed at present.

In order to information people to lead a healthy lifestyle, the Food Pyramid was created. It was firstly published in Sweden in 1974. Even though there exists a significant difference between the one posted in 1974 and the current one, the concept is unchanged. The Food Pyramid represents a graphic description of what and how often people should ingest certain types of foodstuff in order to decrease the risk of kolkhoze related conditions. The pyramid has five layers, which usually follow quite easy rules. In the event the food can be on the reduce layers, it indicates it can be consumed more often and higher amounts. The top from the pyramid represents the illnesses that should be consumed in more compact quantities. non-etheless, no food should be excluded from householder’s diets, as they all lead to a balanced plan.

The Food Pyramid emphasizes the simple fact that a nutritional diet is founded on equilibrium, variant, and small amounts. A healthy diet begins with cereals, fruits, and vegetables since they are low in saturated fats, sugar, sodium, and lipid disorders. These 3 go together with the food which are high in proteins, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, which are symbolized in the third layer with the pyramid, and meat, seafood, eggs, fowl which complete the fourth layer of the Foodstuff Pyramid. The top layer demonstrates the food and drinks loaded with saturated fats, the “enemies” of your good diet and which should be used rarely and in very small amounts.

The Food Pyramid was the guideline created to improve the quality of life. It provides the possibility of selection, where persons can choose and combine the foodstuff from each group, based on individual tastes.

The lowest part of the pyramid is symbolized by fruit and veggies. These two ought to be consumed daily, as they “provide” the human body with vitamins, nutrients, fibers. In addition, they are really low in unhealthy calories. Fruits and vegetables must be consumed raw, between five and seven times per day.

In order to get the daily intake of carbohydrates, people should push one level higher within the pyramid and consume cereals, potatoes, pasta, and grain.