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Law enforcement officials play a necessary role in maintaining peace in society. But police officers confront multiple job related problems. Although law enforcement officers strive to preserve an moral, just graphic, multiple elements may infringe on how the community perceives police officers. The relationship between police officers as well as the community is complicated. The United States Department of Justice (2010) further , the burkha in arguing that the community’s relationship with police officers is usually influenced simply by multiple factors. The part of the press, crime within the community, countrywide accusations of police misconduct, the history of policing in the neighborhood and the actions taken by the police department to advertise a positive photo are all factors that can favorably or adversely affect how the community perceives police officers (Baker & Hyde, 2011; Wood made & Rogers, 2014).

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Furthermore, time, police departments take to create and maintain great community contact is another feature that impacts the relationship between police officers as well as the community (United States Doj, 2010). The role from the community’s marriage with cops will be discovered in order to figure out what factors favorably influence or hinder the relationship between police officers and the community.

The Importance of Police/Community Associations

The importance of police departments maintaining a positive relationship with the community continues to be well established (Jones & Supinksi, 2010). Based on the United States Department of Justice (2010) a positive relationship between your police as well as the community they will serve is an essential element in solving concerns within the community. Wooden & Rogers (2014) further go along in arguing “community policing, ‘seeks to form partnershipswith the community to identify and arrest offenders, prevent criminal offenses and disorders, recognize and solve complications, and promote and maintain shared respect and trust’ (p. 186). Cops that work with the community and respect citizens often find that people are keen to statement information that could lead to an arrest within a case (Baker & Hyde, 2011).

In comparison, communities that contain strained human relationships with law enforcement officers may be more likely to withhold info, due to the insufficient trust attributed to cops (Weitzer, Überzug & Skogan, 2008). However, communities that fail to offer information to police often times have more unsolved crimes. Because of this, these residential areas are often regarded as less safe than communities which have a positive relationship with police officers.

The Function of the Multimedia in Affecting the Police’s Relationship Together with the Community

The media plays a vital role in influencing how communities see police officers. The usa Department of Justice (2010) expands on the role from the media in influencing the community’s relationship with law enforcement officers in declaring, “everyday, hundreds of thousands of law enforcement workers throughout the United states of america perform ethical and careful police job, but irreparable damage may be done to the entire profession via even one particular story of police misconduct (p. 5). Chermak, McGarrell & Gruenewald (2006) further more sought to explore how studying or observing a story in the news affect the community’s perception of law enforcement officers. The outcomes determined that the more direct exposure the story had the more likely people were to have seen it many times. In relating this towards the results, the researchers concluded that the more usually community people saw good news story, the much more likely they were to think that the police officer had mistreated his powers.

The outcomes of this analyze are troublesome, as authorities departments work hard to establish positive relationships with the community. However , this analysis demonstrates that the high profile account can easily stress a law enforcement officials department’s romantic relationship with the community. The Role of Competition, Socio-Economic Status & Influences on Community/Police Relations The roles of race, socio-economic status, and education have all been shown to influence the way the individual and community understand police officers. Dowler (2002) located that areas with larger rates of crime and violenceare very likely to believe cops are not undertaking their task effectively.

However , areas with a higher socio-economic class are much less likely to possess a high proportion of chaotic crime. Right after in crime ascribed with each region based upon the community’s socio-economic status directly influences whether or not the community will understand the police absolutely and contact form a romance with police officers. Race is yet another variable that directly impacts the police’s relationship with the community. Prior research has proven that Africa Americans are more likely than other minorities to statement a higher doubt in law enforcement officers (Dowler, 2002). However , other research has shown that Muslims are likely to have unfavorable viewpoints of police officers. Jones & Supinski (2010) further states that the actions taken following September 11th directly damaged how Muslims perceive police officers.

However , the role of victimization and perceived victimization may even more influence so why African People in america and Muslims have fewer favorable awareness of police officers. Historically, Photography equipment Americans may have been discriminated (Weitzer, Tuch & Skogan, 2008). Because of this elegance, African People in the usa may be even more apprehensive about forming relationships with law enforcement officers. Similar to African Americans, Williams & Supinski argue that societal perceptions of Muslims altered after Sept. 2010 11th. As a result of this alter, Muslims are equally probably victimized by members of society and more likely to be regarded as terrorists. However, it could further be argued that the stereotypes ascribed to Muslims after September eleventh caused this group to be more anxious about developing relationships with non-Muslim residential areas, including cops.

The Function of the Department in Strengthening Community Relationships With Law enforcement officers

Police Departments that worth community interactions often work hard to assure no official misconduct takes place within the section (United Claims Department of Justice, 2010). Even with this hard work, sometimes, allegations may possibly arise regarding police wrong doings that impair the community’s relationship with police officers. The credibility of such allegations might influence how a community interprets police officers. Regardless of this prospect, it is essential that authorities chiefs take the time to repair destruction done to the partnership between cops and thecommunity with accusations or occurrences of standard misconduct takes place. In reestablishing the trust the community ascribes to law enforcement officers, the United States Doj recommends law enforcement officials chiefs always be “transparent (i. e. very clear, concise, and open of the department’s internal affairs reaction) with their constituencies, acknowledge misconduct, appropriately deal with misconduct including the public inside the response will not only obtain but also maintain respect and confidence of people in their community (p. 13).


The partnership police officers include with the community is an important characteristic in powerful policing. Neighborhoods that consume a positive romance with police officers have been proven to have lower levels of criminal offense and are very likely to cooperate with police brought on when a crime occurs. Yet , multiple elements influence the partnership a community features with cops. The multimedia and allegations of law enforcement officials misconduct had been shown to detrimentally affect the way the community perceives police officers. The role of crime inside the community and socio-economic status were also proven to play a crucial role in determining the relationship police officers include with the community. Yet, the fact that police section handles accusations or events of police misconduct have a significant impact on the relationship the city has with police officers. In general, the relationship the community has with police officers is known as a complex active, influencing simply by multiple parameters.


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