The poets present characters essay

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In this composition these two poems from distinct cultures will probably be compared. The similarities and differences showing how the poets present character types are going to be in contrast and the similarities and differences of how the poets portray the people through language can also be contrasted.  The people in Two Scavengers in a Truck are waste men within a bright yellow-colored truck and are also wearing reddish colored plastic blazers, this is their very own uniform and shows that not necessarily their choice to wear the principal colours which make them seem to have a straightforward dress- sense but they are required to wear it. Hence, their consistent reflects all their basic way of life.

However , the elegant couple who happen to be presented stereotypically, are in an elegant wide open Mercedes which can be much more fashionable, fashionable and expensive as opposed to the garbage vehicle. The elegant man is within a hip three- piece linen go well with which is intelligent and classy while oppose to the red plastic-type blazers as linen is usually pricier than plastic. The elegant guy is referred to as having shoulder length blond hair which is wearing sun glasses, similarly younger bin gentleman also offers sunglasses and long locks, therefore suggesting that people who also look identical, can include completely different careers.

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The elderly bin gentleman is also portrayed as possessing a hunched again like the gargoyle Quasimodo, the explanation for this could be as they is tired from becoming up as four a. m. and working for a long period of time, unlike the elegant couple who also are still in the direction of his architects office by nine a. m., for that reason they have not really begun to work yet. The comparison of the trash can man with the gargoyle Quasimodo gives the reader the image the fact that bin man is grotesque compared to the tasteful man.

However, the graceful woman is usually casually coifed, meaning she’s stylishly and comfortably set up dissimilar towards the garbage man with a hunched back. The two bin males are grubby from their route providing the reader with the concept that they are dishevelled and unclean, nothing in contrast to the few who happen to be elegant and neat.  Since the abundant man is definitely an architect, he must always be well educated because oppose to the garbage guys who are generally not particularly educated, perhaps mainly because they did certainly not work towards the best of their ability whilst they were by school.

The characters in Night of the Scorpion will be the peasants, mother, father, a Scorpion and a holy man. The peasants are portrayed as being religious simply because they buzzed the name of God hundreds of times although also worthless and needless because these people were unsuccessful inside their search for the scorpion and could do nothing to save the life of the mother. You is also provided the impression that the cowboys are just rushing to the place that the excitement plus the attraction is really because the cowboys came like swarms of flies, thus giving the idea that the peasants are generally not truly concerned for the welfare from the mother.

There is also a clear comparison between the cowboys peace of understanding and the mother who twistedgroaning on the mat, it seems like ironic that they will be at peace due to her discomfort. The peasants declare things such as Might the sins of your previous birth always be burned apart tonight and might your enduring decrease the misfortunes of your up coming birth to comfort the mother, but also mainly because they believe that good can arise from the scorpions bite.  The mother is definitely depicted as obviously being in soreness due to her being stung by a scorpion, but moreover though, the girl with also described as being non selfish for the reason that the girl states Appreciate God the scorpion picked on me and spared my personal children. Consequently, this gives the impression the fact that mother enjoys and cares about her children to the level that the girl puts all their safety prior to her personal.

The father is a sceptic and rationalist therefore he is not really superstitious whereas the cowboys are mainly because they say activities such as with every motion that the scorpion made his poison transferred in mothers blood. Even though the father is definitely not superstitious he continue to was trying every bane and true blessing, powder, blend, herb and hybrid. He even put a little paraffin upon the bitten bottom and put a match to it. This shows that the father really cares for the mom, and that in desperate times people could try anything regardless of whether they believed it or not really.