The pros and cons of pursuing personal goals

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Published: 06.04.2020 | Words: 550 | Views: 544
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Personal Goals

The justification to pursue whatever we want no matter the consequences is usually theoretically a good notion, however , when enacted, it is detrimental to both persons and society. The action to pursue desired goals irrespective of consequences shows drive, initiative, and passion, yet , this thought also displays selfishness, not enough reasoning, and extremely poor decision making. Such adverse aspects considerably outweigh the favorable in chasing personal desired goals.

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When pursuing a goal, the consequences must be weighed, not ignored. Implications of one’s pursuance doesn’t simply affect them, but holds significance upon others. Whether as a parent, a child, a company, even as a worker, your decisions and activities will affect others. In the event that one is self-centered to those effects, it could eventually hurt these people in the future. Immediate gratification will not always previous, and has got the potential of causing catastrophic to their future. To illustrate, in the event as an employee someone locates a new work elsewhere plus they quit devoid of giving proper notice, that they ignore the consequences on the employer and in the end the business. Nevertheless , down the road they may have been laid off. Because that they destroyed the partnership with the prior employer due to their negligence, all their actions have come back to hurt them in destroying a possible job prospect. Fulfilling that instant satisfaction without considering others almost always contributes to a negative outcome.

Lack of reasoning shows poor making decisions, and not considering all possible options is a very risky aspect of trying to reach a goal. Chasing whatever you want no matter the consequences generally portrays tum reactions or perhaps fulfilling immediate gratification. In the event striving for a target, whether it be graduating high school or perhaps landing a fresh job, how you go about attaining it entirely decides the success. In the event that one is to pursue some thing without considering the consequences, it could actually be retrogressive in achieving it. For instance , if a scholar is concerned with passing a test, they could resort to cheating in order to pass rather than studying. Cheating will lead to fast gratification in passing, nevertheless , it also portrays pursuance with out taking into account the result of the implications. While taking the test, in the event the student this caught cheating, not only do they are unsuccessful the test, they also fail the course, placing them even farther from their initial goal. Though it may fulfill that immediate worry, that poor decision making proves unsuccessful in the end.

Pursuance is definitely a good quality. Pursuance without thinking, however , is a bad top quality and could very well lead to inability. Every decision someone makes has a dominospiel effect and really should not be produced without consideration. No matter to what degree, being negligent to the consequences of your decision can ultimately lessen a person from attaining their target. Ignoring the end results on others to fulfill instant gratification can destroy associations as well as future opportunities. Neglecting the personal results reflect poor decision making, and sets one up for inability. Personal happiness is the greatest good in life, yet , it is unachievable when ignoring the consequence on yourself and others in pursuing that.