The Role of Leaders in Criminal Justice Essay

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Published: 14.01.2020 | Words: 327 | Views: 520
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Criminal justice is known as a system in which legislations and organizations are enacted to keep up social order and discipline violators in the law. It is a field of criminology relating to the study of crime which include causes, felony behavior and also other aspects of it (Nuocleous, 2005, pp 93-94). It is composed of law enforcement officials, courts and corrections.

Although criminal proper rights is inclined more into the legislative body, leaders in the role in governance, adds greatly in prevention of crime. Leaders should be empowered in order to give justice to avoid crime (Tshehla, 2005, p 1). However , given this important role of frontrunners in criminal offenses prevention, there are organizational clashes between or among cities or between the people themselves.

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An example of this can be the conflict that usually arises between a community innovator and his community councilor for example. This usually is really because of the overlapping roles in the absence of tangible guidelines that may distinguish the tasks that one need to undertake. For that reason, the two functions see the other person as a frequent hindrance in undertaking their jobs. This kind of also primarily causes leaders to be hesitant in getting themselves involved in the detailed and technological side of crime elimination (Tshehla, 2006, pp 3-6).

Given the value of both parties in the effectiveness of offense prevention, frontrunners and their legal counterparts must have a clear knowledge of the roles that they are ought to play in order to efficiently focus on the demands of the community that they are providing. Communication among leaders, their legislative counterparts and the law enforcement sector must first and foremost be provided adequate importance to become effective law enforcers. References: Neocleous, Mark (2004). Fabricating Cultural Order: A Critical History of Police Power.

London, uk: Pluto Press, ISBN. Tshehla, Boyane. 2005. Traditional leaders’ role in justice and crime avoidance. Published pertaining to Institute pertaining to Security Research.