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Akunna – Akunna is a clan leader of Umuofia. This individual and Mr. Brown discuss their faith based beliefs quietly. Neither converts the various other, but they find out more about the other peoples faith.

Mr. Brown – Mr. Brownish is the first white missionary to travel to Umuofia. He study centers a policy of compromise and understanding among his go and the clan. He does not like his flock to antagonize the clan. He even turns into friends with prominent clansmen. He builds a school and a clinic in Umuofia and tendencies the tribe to send youngsters to school. This individual warns all of them that if perhaps they do not figure out how to read and write, strangers who can should come and overtake them.

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Chielo – Chielo is a priestess in Umuofia. She is committed to the Oracle of the goddess Agbala. In ordinary existence, she is a widow with two children. She actually is good friends with Ekwefi and is fond of Ezinma, whom the lady calls “my daughter. “

The District Commissioner – The Section Commissioner is experienced figure in the white imp�rialiste government in Nigeria. He is the typical, hurtful colonist whom understands absolutely nothing of local African traditions or civilizations and has no respect on their behalf.

Ekwefi – Ekwefi can be Okonkwo’s second wife. He won her heart when he defeated Amalinze the Feline in a fumbling contest in the youth. Having been too poor to shell out her bride-price then. A couple of years later, the girl ran from her first husband to have with Okonkwo. She was the village beauty in her youth. Ezinma is her only making it through child. Her first seven children perished in their infancy, and Ekwefi constantly concerns that she is going to lose Ezinma as well. Ekwefi is good friends with Chielo, the priestess of the goddess Agbala.

Enoch – Enoch is a zealous convert to the Christian church in Umuofia. He rips the cover up off an egwugwu during an annual wedding ceremony to exclusive chance the earth deity. Enoch’s actions is equivalent to eliminating an ancestral spirit, hence the egwugwu lose his substance and the Christian church to cleanse the village of Enoch’s terrible sin against the indigenous hope. This leads to a clash involving the indigenous and colonial justice systems that ends with Okonkwo’s committing suicide, a severe sin in Umuofia’s belief system.

Ezinma – Ezinma is the simply child of Okonkwo’s second wife, Ekwefi. Ekwefi’s first nine kids died in infancy, thus Ezinma is a center of her mom’s world. She and her mother possess a romantic relationship that is a lot more like that between equals than that among parent and child. She’s also Okonkwo’s favorite child because the girl looks like her mother when Ekwefi was the village natural beauty. He is as well fond of her because she understands him best of all his children. They develop a level closer connection when Okonkwo must use seven years in exil in his mother’s native community. Okonkwo rarely demonstrates his affection, nevertheless , because he believes it makes him appearance weak. Okonkwo also would like Ezinma had been a boy mainly because she would had been the perfect son.

Ikemefuna – Ikemefuna’s dad murders a female from Umuofia. Umuofia delivers a message for the murderer’s small town that they need to give Umuofia a young gentleman and a virgin or perhaps go to war. The offending village gives Ikemefuna and a young maiden. The first becomes the wife with the murdered woman’s husband. Umuofia’s clan commanders do not know how to handle Ikemefuna therefore they give him to Okonkwo. Ikemefuna hails from the hut of Okonkwo’s first wife. He quickly becomes popular with Okonkwo’s children. He develops an especially close relationship with Nwoye, Okonkwo’s oldest boy.

Okonkwo turns into very fond of Ikemefuna too, but this individual does not illustrate his devotion because he thinks it makes him appearance weak. Ikemefuna is the perfect clansman, and he calls Okonkwo “father. ” After three years, the elders check with the Oracle about Ikemefuna’s fate. The Oracle tells them to destroy Ikemefuna. The elders tell Okonkwo to not take a submit Ikemefuna’s loss of life because he phone calls Okonkwo “father. ” That they tell Ikemefuna that he is going back to his originel village, and a group of guys goes with him. When they continue to attack him, Ikemefuna works to Okonkwo for help. Okonkwo eliminates him to prevent looking weak. Nwoye converts to Christianity a few years afterwards because he never comes to conditions with Ikemefuna’s death, decreed by native gods.

Maduka – Maduka is Obierika’s son. This individual wins a wrestling tournament in his mid-teens. Okonkwo would like he had guaranteeing, manly sons like Maduka.

Nwoye – Nwoye is definitely Okonkwo’s oldest son. Okonkwo decides that Nwoye is weak and lazy from an early age. He continuously beats the boy, looking to correct the faults he perceives. Once Ikemefuna involves live in the hut of Nwoye’s mom, Nwoye quickly becomes attached with him. Ikemefuna is like an old brother to Nwoye. Beneath his influence, Nwoye starts to exhibit even more masculine tendencies, pleasing Okonkwo. After Ikemefuna’s death, Nwoye begins to uncertainty some of the laws and regulations and rules of his tribe. This individual also would not understand why mixed twins must be thrown away to pass away. He changes to Christianity when the missionaries come to Mbanta whilst his father remains in exile. Okonkwo is mad that his son will be so “effeminate” and poor.

Obiageli – Obiageli may be the daughter of Okonkwo’s 1st wife. The girl and Ezinma are close in age, but Ezinma has a immense amount of influence above her.

Obierika – Obierika is a good friend of Okonkwo. When Okonkwo goes into exil in his mom’s natal village, Obierika markets the largest of Okonkwo’s yams. He markets some seed-yams, and gives others to sharecroppers. In this way, this individual ensures that Okonkwo does not go through complete economical ruin. Okonkwo’s exile also makes him wonder why a man must be punished and so harshly for accidentally getting rid of a clansman. He likewise wonders for what reason twin infants must be thrown away to expire since they committed no offense other than staying born. Obierika comforts Okonkwo during his depression more than Ikemefuna’s loss of life, but this individual thinks Okonkwo was gravely wrong to join it.

Ogbuefi Ezeudu – Ogbuefi Ezeudu is an important group elder and leader. He was also a great warrior in his youth. He delivers the Oracle’s pronouncement of fatality for Ikemefuna to Okonkwo. He alerts Okonkwo not to take part in the boy’s loss of life because he cell phone calls Okonkwo “father. ” If the announcement in the old male’s death happens, Okonkwo shudders because the previous time Ezeudu visited him, he shipped the Oracle’s pronouncement wonderful warning against taking a hand in killing Ikemefuna. Ogbuefi Ezeudu receives an elaborate warrior’s burial because he was obviously a great guy in Umuofia. During the funeral service, Okonkwo’s firearm explodes, eliminating Ezeudu’s of sixteen year old son by accident. Eliminating a clansman, even unintentionally, is an offense against the clan’s gods. Okonkwo has to go ahead exile for seven years to froid for his sin. This individual travels to his mother’s native small town, Mbanta.

Ojiugo – Ojiugo is Okonkwo’s third wife.

Okonkwo – Okonkwo can be described as clan leader in Umuofia. His dad, Unoka, was a coward and a spendthrift by the specifications of the clan. He dreaded the look of blood vessels, never required a subject, and passed away of an abominable illness. He left several heavy bills unpaid in his fatality.

Since early childhood, Okonkwo was ashamed of his father. However , his hard work fantastic prowess in war received him a posture of high position and influence in his clan. He soars to a position of wealth sufficient to support three wives or girlfriends and their children. Okonkwo’s tragic flaw is that he is afraid of seeking weak like his dad, as a result, this individual behaves rashly, bringing a lot of trouble and sorrow upon himself fantastic family. After he takes part in Ikemefuna’s loss of life, his fortunes take a convert for the worse, and he ends by assigning suicide, a grave sin in his group.

Reverend Wayne Smith – Smith may be the missionary whom replaces Mr. Brown. Contrary to Brown, he could be uncompromising and strict. This individual demands that his turns reject all of their indigenous morals, and this individual shows zero respect for indigenous persuits or traditions. He is the unoriginal white colonist in many ways.

Uchendu – Uchendu is the more youthful brother of Okonkwo’s mother. He receives Okonkwo great family graciously when Okonkwo travels to Mbanta to invest his several years in exile via his fatherland. He sees Okonkwo’s despair at his misfortune.

This individual gathers his family jointly and explains to them the value of the mother and her persons. A man stays in his fatherland when his life is good, but this individual seeks sanctuary in the motherland when his life is bitter and sorrowful. He advises Okonkwo to get grateful for the comfort his motherland presents him, or he will risk angering the dead, specifically his mother, who is left in Mbanta. He will remind Okonkwo that he himself has suffered in his life. Basically one of his six wives are dead, and this individual has buried twenty-two children in his life. Uchendu is known as a peaceful, compromising man, contrary to Okonkwo who also acts rashly without thinking.

Unoka – Unoka is Okonkwo’s father. By the standards in the clan, he is a coward and a spendthrift. This individual never had taken a single name in his life. He took out money via his clansmen, and almost never repaid his debts. He feared the sight of blood, therefore he never became a warrior. Moreover, he perished of an atroce illness. By early years as a child, Okonkwo was ashamed of his father.