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Moreover, the unquestioned opinion in the oracle’s word clashes with Okonkwo’s own should solidify his family’s personal leadership and social browsing the tribe. Okonkwo’s prefer to redeem himself and his family name proves stronger than his respect for the oracle. Hence, Okonkwo at once seeks aid the political institutions of Umuofia culture while at the same time subverting core interpersonal and psychic traditions. This individual wants to keep his location as politics leader and establish his adopted boy Ikemefuma since his inheritor. Yet Okonkwo disrespects sociable traditions just like the Week of Peace and religious practices like obeying the oracle. Interestingly, the oracle’s word proves better than that of Okonkwo. Achebe suggests that the old tribal ways may possibly in fact keep significant wisdom. Umuofia religious traditions were falling apart could Christianity compromised African contemporary society with the Euro missionaries.

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Umuofia social composition is tied up together by the dual pillars of religion and politics. Faith offers a moral rubric to guide personal and communautaire behavior. Rituals like funeral service exhibit the rigidity of the Igbo traditions, which present a rigid system of advantages and punishments that guidebook behavior. For example , Okonkwo accidentally kills the son of Ogbeufi Ezeudu. Instead of possessing a trial, the community bannissement Okonkwo great family intended for seven years. Punishments and rewards are meted without much flexibility to keep social order. The encroachment of Western culture in Igbo society represents the first main blow to Umuofia mores, lifeways, and norms. In the absence of external influences like colonial world, Umuofia world might have continuing unchanged for several centuries even more. While in exile, Okonkwo hears in the downfall of neighboring tribes to the colonial time powers. Achebe therefore shows colonialism as the main power of devastation on Africa society: in addition than the personal failings of leaders just like Okonkwo.

Achebe describes the introduction of pre-colonial Igbo society through the eyes from the protagonist. Okonkwo struggles to keep up his family’s dignity along with his individual and that from the entire Umuofia clan. To do so , Okonkwo assists the unraveling of Umufia tradition. He subverts age-old social and spiritual traditions: the actual traditions his leadership can be cultivated aid. Achebe comes with vivid images related to Umuofia religious and cultural practices to underscore the differences between indigenous Photography equipment society and this of the European colonial power. The problems natural in Umuofia society that enabled the falling apart of its traditions are also within European contemporary society: inflexible faith based, social, and political devices. Achebe shows the development of Igbo society prior to and during the colonial enterprise, thereby drawing key parallels between the relatively contradictory social, religious, and political devices.