Unemployment is actually a global problem

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Lack of employment is a global problem, because it has immediate influence in developing of society and progress, that exists with countries of CIS, even in The european union (where condition sharped following 2008 recession and Great Depression of 1929, which lowered number of GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT, caused fresh people’s early resignations, reduction of work place as it was stated in the research of Enrico Marelli, The effect of Financial Crises on Junior Unemployment Charge [2]), just about every country looks with this problem in some level. We are frequently told the European Union is considered a promise of health, but why the unemployment rate among youth persons in the UK’s is doze. 0% [1], america on the sixth place by GDP, level in the EUROPEAN UNION is 17% (June, 2017), to assessment the average price in Kazakhstan reached a few. 9% (July, 2017).

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This data is based on volume of residents, who went to center of job and was added to checklist of work-seekers. How, we are able to be sure that this kind of data can be actual and adequate. Several unemployment employees can be concealed, but disregarding the problem is not just a solution. If Kazakhstan politicians continue in the same manner, one day we can not have specific employees, mainly because they will move to different nation or drop qualification. This kind of research is aimed to know and study the actual situation with labor marketplace in Kazakhstan, especially in Pavlodar region. One other not much less important objective is to evaluate tendencies, study something through the past encounter and offer the issues of worsening the challenge. In the long run to propose possible solutions. The research will be conducted in perspective of Kazakhstani young people.

Personally, as for a prospective abiturient the selecting of this topic is playing an important role, I have to know main reasons of non-acceptance to function places of young experts. Reasons will be variable. It can be lack of encounter, competition, incorrect choice of job. I will confront with this problem after away from university.

The task will stand for value to get our, because findings of it can be used in the creating long term strategy of economic creation. Unemployment means degradation of economy. Deficiency of money and opportunities can make into delaying development of business, tourism, sector.

Before, I have already conducted comparable research, nevertheless youth unemployment was described, as a consequence of incorrect upbringing. Right now, I was interested if the main reason could be incompetence of recent employees or perhaps corruption. Since the feasible consequence, I see growth in immigration, backwardness in monetary development.