Using Operant Conditioning to Increase Productivity Among Workers Essay

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Published: 23.09.2019 | Words: 319 | Views: 303
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If I will be a manager of a large automobile manufacturer, I would be considering increasing the productivity of most workers. A good tool with this is Operant Conditioning.

I would have three or more types of workers: white collar workplace employees, factory line staff, and quality control employees. I would work with different tactics for each type. Intended for quality control workers I would personally use punishment.

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If that they didn’t see a problem in the item that they were supposed to verify, they would get yourself a fine flourished their paycheque. I would work with fixed ration scheduling pertaining to punishment, to ensure that every oversight is observed and punished. This will cause them to become extra mindful, and will raise the quality of the product out there.

This form of treatment punishment might make these people angry. However they can’t share their anger on me because I’m their administrator and I may possibly fire all of them. So they will be angry with workers and will also be checking product for defects with special passion. For white-collar business office employees as well as for factory series workers I would personally use Confident reinforcement.

It will bring passion and optimism to personnel, will create positive environment, and definitely will increase their output. If I will reword staff for extra work, or to be done the assignment prior to the due date, I will strengthen their reason for work because it is and then the demonstration of praise (money put into the pay check). I would personally use changing ratio plan for the rewords to become given out, and therefore on average Let me reward every 5th spectacular achievement.

I would not select variable period, because providing reward merely after a period of your energy wouldn’t accept the response while fast and efficient?nternet site want.