Viva network decentralized peer to peer mortgaging

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When considering the basic essentials in life, what readily occurs to you is foodstuff. Humans prioritize their nourishing above some other necessity. Clothing is another element to consider. It is unusual for thoughts of owning a home plant into your head. As you might treason, you can always pay rent and have shield.

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Fit “how long will this kind of continue”? Many had consequently sought intended for alternate method of financing their private homes. Mortgaging readily comes to mind. In traditional economic setting, banks and other centralized financial institutions concern mortgage loans to interested people.

Such loans permit the borrower pay for his enclosure project whilst paying back the money at particular rates. non-etheless, these financial loans are not redbull. They pass through accreditation operations and for just about every issued mortgage loan, ready guarantee should be about ground. Therefore, many got lost beneficial properties after they derail via loan circumstances.

Home mortgages are centrally-controlled by banking companies and other concerned parties. As a result, you can rarely get financial loans from non-public investors except you move across intermediaries. The time is fresh to apply decentralization to the program. Viva Network leverages on transparency from the block cycle in resolving these fundamental problems.

The woking platform

In other words, the platform can easily best end up being regarded as a mortgaging system without disturbance. The platform brings on the home loan process fiat. The main goal of this job is certainly not limited to getting decentralization for the mortgage sector. Its perspective extends to linking borrowers and investors upon Peer-to-Peer formatting.


The platform bread of dogs amazing chances for shareholders and borrowers. Banks frequently play hobbies on their home loans. These fluctuate between 10-20%. Most times, credit seekers have money to repay loans but accrued interest reduces huge portion from the finance.

To get borrowers, system offers you low interest rates on mortgage loans. This is not automatic. Middlemen and the charges happen to be cut off. That rather links you to inclined investors who will offer you financial loans at lowered interests.

Unlike banks that retain interests to themselves, investors will receive curiosity for their loans. These buyers can also take a look at the value of a great investment before plunging their money to that. Likewise, the Fractional Mortgage Shares system allows these people gather and trade water shares.


Dreamland removed intermediary interference in mortgage loans, Viva Network designed a system known as Viva Mortgage Platform. The platform is actually a fast-tracked way of getting loans because users can set up their mortgage funds for sale.

Users can also utilize Fractional Home loan Share Protocol in converting mortgage loans to valuable bonds such as the one presented by Tokenized Home loan Bonds.

Work with Cases

The platform delivers amazing benefits to its essential participants including borrowers and investors. While using removal of intermediaries, investors can simply issue financial loans to debtors at decreased rates. Borrowers’ access to loans is not automated. They should put up applications to that effect. Confirmation of their application is seconded by notification of investors and interested types can pay for you.

The platform is additionally applied in investing money at low rates and reaping a large number of loans about its maturity. Hence, Viva Network is advantageous to the trio of arbitrage, borrowers and investors.