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Date: 03 10th 2010

______________________________________________________________________________ As you know your business Westlake Lane is currently not really performing up to the mark. I think there are countless steps we could take pertaining to the enhancement of the business. There are many difficult issues with the business enterprise and I include identified a few of the core ones-: ¢It seems old, simply no major reconstruction done in a very long time

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¢More devices need to be substituted, maintenance expenditure is on the rise ¢Since 2005, Revenues have fallen by 50% and healthy income five years ago has turned into a loss ¢Not targeting the right demographics of people old 21-44 Within my analysis, We looked at a number of scenarios, including renovating the bowling us highway into a great urban basketball lounge, transforming it into a kid friendly place, keeping the business as it is, or providing the business.

Inside the appendix fastened you would notice that I have used 3 cases into consideration to get urban basketball lounge and kid friendly bowling street. ¢Worst Circumstance Scenario (Low Revenue)

¢Moderate Scenario (Average Revenue)

¢Best Circumstance Scenario (High Revenue)

All the presumptions are mentioned in the appendix

Choice 1: Downtown Lounge/ Basketball Alley


The Soccer ball alley already has a liquor license, which can be very expensive to get.

Alcoholic beverages sales also have a very high gross profit margin as compared to meals and drink. In this alternative our focus on group will probably be young professionals in the age bracket if 21-34, who use more per person thereby producing higher income even with fewer footfall. Simply by combining a bowling alley and a lounge our company is creating a new market, which can be currently not present near by, thereby building a competitive advantage. This likewise reduces the threat of recent entrants, as investment is incredibly high. Obtaining power inRaleigh is also going up, which additional supports this approach. Cons

By taking this option we risk shedding our faithful customers (league bowlers) who’ve been coming in charge of years and supply continuous revenue during weekdays. The purchase needed is incredibly high, contributing to a high risk factor. All of us will also need to hire even more trained experts (ex specialist chef) pertaining to smooth functioning of the lay and risk of damages as a result of liquor is likewise high. There are also a lot of already successful established high-end lounges in the downtown area, which can be lots of competition. My examination shows that you are able to attain payouts of $21, 043, $238, 468, and $513, 743 for most severe, moderate and best case scenarios respectively. (Appendix A attached). Choice 2: Kids Friendly Bowling Alley

The other choice is to convert the étambot alley into a kid friendly zone by having arcade video games. Your expenditure is minimal and will probably be easy to attain. My evaluation shows (Appendix A), this is a fairly safe alternative. Even inside the worst-case situation, the business will be able to churn out payouts of thirty six, 311, which is higher than the lounge option. For channel and finest case cases the returns are $79, 536 and $128, 936. The range here is limited as the returns are not very high possibly in the best-case scenario. Choice 3: Continue with the same strategy

Following working continually for 9 months, you may have been able to make the business rewarding for the first time in years. This decision does not require any extra capital investment, and can traditional bank upon the of the Basketball Alley. The league players will continue to be devoted customers, and offering discount rates and beginning shorter leagues can add even more league bowling players. As predicted by you, if the business were to continue as it is, net income of 60k can be attained by the end with the year.

Within a few years of managing the business by scrutinizing just about every expense you can accumulate enough savings to look for a bigger renovation in the foreseeable future without depending on loan via shareholders or banks. Drawback to take this method is, although business is profitable, it is not aiming high, which is totally different from you eye-sight and your entrepreneurial goals, which can lead to dissatisfaction, and in turn show frustrating therefore hampering thebusiness. This option even now doesn’t make use of the growing human population of the youth either. Option 4: Sell off the business

In this instance the business could be sold with out taking a reduction. At the end of 2009 in accordance with the data supplied total financial obligations are $154, 208, possessions constitute $191, 303 and owner’s value is $37, 095. If we sell the business now, the shareholders could make some funds out of the enterprise and get out of the business prior to the situation exacerbates. The disadvantage on this option is actually a lost prospect. The main menace of going into in the bowling business may be the huge purchase in the structure of the building and the lane, which in this situatio is already generally there. The business is usually on a long term lease which is paying fairly low hire. You will also always be letting move of a 30-year-old brand that folks recognize. Advice:

My analysis shows that going for the Lounge option can yield the greatest benefit. As per appendix A, we can achieve dividends of $ 238, 468 within one year of reopening from the lounge even by having average sales. The figure obtained here is the most realistic out from the three cases and yields a healthy revenue. Raleigh North Carolina, which has grown at a very high rate in the last ten years, also offers a huge children population, which is our marketplace.

The location with the bowling us highway is in down-town, which is a big plus. Taking into consideration these elements along with your driven entrepreneur character and your hesitance to work with children, I recommend to consider a computed risk and go for the High End Lounge Option. By going for this option we all will also care for all the concerns stated over.

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Appendix A

Display 1 ” Projected Profits Statement of Westlake Basketball Lanes intended for Kid-Friendly v/s Upscale Soccer ball Lounge pertaining to Low Income, Medium Income & Substantial Revenue

Presumptions “

1)Full Time Salary split up: Chef’s Earnings ” $60k, Shelby Given’s Salary ” $80k, Whilst gary Spalding’s Salary ” $45k. 2)Part Time Salary: $9 per staff.

3)For lounge, the lane local rental, food and alcohol product sales would add 30%, thirty percent & 40% towards revenue respectively. 4)For kid friendly, the street rental, foodstuff, alcohol and arcade game titles sales would contribute 55%, 20%, five per cent & twenty percent towards revenue respectively

Display 2 ” Projected Normal Footfall and Revenues in Lounge v/s Kid-Friendly for the 3 circumstance

Exhibit several ” Comparison of dividends pertaining to Lounge, Kid-Friendly & Current Situation to get the 3 scenarios.