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Vengeance, Great Depression

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Piano Lesson

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In August Wilson’s play The Keyboard Lesson, Berniece is the protagonist or the heroine and primary character, whom represents the traditions and heritage in the family going back to the times of slavery and in many cases to Africa itself. Willie on the other hand may be the antagonist, a violent and angry person, a thief and a murderer who have takes payback on the Sutter family but now intends to use the money from your sale of the piano to acquire their terrain. In short, he can a young capitalist who expects to move up in the usa and take the place of Sutter, nevertheless Berniece makes a decision against this. In the first place, she refuses to cooperate with Willie, but for most of the play she is hesitant to accept the piano by any means during the initially two acts of the play, but in the climactic picture at the end, your woman uses its power to conserve her brother’s life from your ghost of James Sutter. Finally, she also teaches her daughter Maretha about their history and that means, ensuring that the family heritage will be passed down to the next generation. Berniece may be the protagonist and heroine because her discord with Willie drives the entire play, and ultimately the options about whether to sell the piano and the way to use it are in her hands. She is the key matriarchal and psychic figure in the storyplot and finally invokes the mood of their forefathers and saves their customs for the future.

In Act I actually, Bernice can be revealed to end up being the leading part at once, the lady clearly hopes to prevent her brother Willie from offering the keyboard, even though the lady fears and dislikes it. Throughout the crisis, the central conflict will always be between Berniece and Willie, and will finally be fixed in her favor. Though she is very ambivalent about the piano and the musical legacy it presents, she hardly ever supports Willie’s plan to promote it in order to purchase the Sutter land. Only towards the end of the play does the girl come to take it because the image of their family members traditions heading back to the time of slavery, and to Africa even before that. In addition, she blames Willie for her husband’s death, which usually came about as the result of a fight he provoked with some white guys back in Mississippi. This was how come he had been in Parchman Prison for three years, and in the first place Berniece can make it clear that she will not want Willie in the house at all. She helps it be clear right away that your woman suspects Willie of murdering the white landowner Adam Sutter, saying that “somebody in that area pushing these people people inside their wells” (Wilson 5). Symbolically, she also represents their complete family line, including an antecedent, ascendant, ascendent, named Berniece who the slave learn Robert Sutter traded pertaining to the keyboard 137 years back.

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