Why positive relationships with children /young people are important Essay

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Published: 29.11.2019 | Words: 288 | Views: 816
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1 ) 1 Explain why great relationships with children /young people are important and how they are built and maintained? Positive relationships are important because they will help kids develop independence, self esteem and wellbeing.

Children will feel assured, secure and also trust all their relationship with adults consequently learning to trust their own decisions. As Maslow’s Theory clarifies this is the basis of a Children’s development, a sense of belonging, support, safety and positive human relationships. These are created and taken care of by being reassuring and reassuring children and young people when need it. To give praise for good behaviour, improvement and guidance when required.

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Being regular in your strategy and getting responsive and respectful to children’s specific requirements, likes and dislikes. Preparing activities and sessions collectively child in mind. Adapting the own behaviour to the child’s preference, feelings and scenario. Modelling good behaviours, good manners and respectfulness. 1 . two Evaluate the own effectiveness in building relationships with children as well as young people?

I actually consider me to be nice and friendly. I are good at examining a room and may adapt my personality about what the environment / situation requires at that time making CYP feel comfortable. I feel I pay attention to a Childs diamond with me and actively pay attention. I am aware of my body terminology and how a kid may see this. That stuff seriously I was consistent with my approach and respectful of young people’s ideas and input.

With all this at heart I feel We am good at building human relationships with CYP. At times my own, personal inhibitions may limit my personal play use some of the more imaginative enjoy young people.