Women and sexism essay

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Women and Sexism

We are, being a sex, definitely superior

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to men. At the Stanton (prominent woman suffragist) (excerpted coming from

One Woman, One Have your vote by Wheeler, pg. 58)

Frailty, thy name is woman.

William Shakespeare (excerpted by

Hamlet, Act I, landscape 2)

This quote manufactured by Stanton in 1890 displays

many of the feministic beliefs organised by the women of today. Plus the quote

made by Shakespeare keeps many of the same thoughts shared by men. The

struggle of the sexes is widespread everywhere and is applicable to anything.

From athletics towards the military, women and men struggle to the fatigue other

yet I think it is to be specifically found in businesses. Men and women

are incredibly competitive with occupations, and men feel superior to women.

They know the dimensions of the statistics will be more favorable to them plus they would

prefer to keep it like that.

If this is the case, then just how do women and

men share the world together without war among each other? I think

that pertaining to both sides to avoid this by occurring, that they ignore most of

the differences. Lots of women choose not to see the figures or they certainly

not care and agree to that males are more effective than women are. The storyline

Tales Away of Medical School, authored by Adriane Fugh-Berman, which is a great

account of a woman that chose to never ignore the variations that faced

her, shows another area to the ” light ” harmony.

Fugh-Berman faces sexism and elegance

at Georgetown Medical Institution where ladies are the fraction. She views the

numerous examples of sexism from her anatomy teachers to the Academic

Deans. There was classes that were only agreed to men, so when she tried

to change the fact that whole study course was place on hold. This of course triggered

extreme tension between the men and the females of this category. Just because

you cant make use of this course, so why do you want to destroy it for the remainder of

us? was one of the feedback made by one of her man classmates. Unconsciously

this man does not need this girl to succeed. Her classmates that are women

and therefore are not irritated by the sexism also distress her. With reference to this

a classmate explained, Oh, theyre just in the old school. (referring to

the doctors that ignored the women students) This kind of account shows the miserable

truth that some girls are happy to accept sexism and discrimination. Intended for

the women which in turn not, there exists a long have difficulty ahead. A large number of do not make

this to the end, or they tire from the pressures put upon all of them. For example

Shannon Faulkner whom wished to end up being the first woman in the Citadel was

laughed at, ridiculed and harassed till she withdrew. And why wouldnt the

men of the Citadel need a guy human being wherever they take thus

much pleasure? The fact that she is a she and they do not like that a woman

can be on the same level. Hilary Clinton is yet another example of a

female put down to be in control. The tabloids and newspapers took Hilary

apart for planning to take over the Presidents task. Why wouldn’t it bother

all of them that your woman may have been helping the economy? When gain, the president

is known as a man, and no need for a lady to help.

Even in my personal everyday experiences

sexism is usually everywhere. And sadly enough, it is recognized everywhere. In recreational

literature women play passive roles, in films and even TELEVISION sitcoms. One example is

in the sitcom Dharma and Greg, which is about a youthful married couple, the

man is actually a successful legal professional from a wealthy relatives, while Dharma is a sweet

little blonde that splits jokes. My boyfriend could make wise cracks

of how after he would go to medical institution and becomes a successful doctor

he will give me, and i also wont have to do anything. Discussing with some

close friends in the Wharton school of business, I realize more sexism than I thought

existed inside the nineties. 78% of the Wharton undergraduates happen to be men and

they believe this really is so for the reason that business world will not need women.

In my technology, there arise the same

sexist beliefs placed centuries in the past. It is intimidating to believe that men do not

want women to succeed. It can be scarier to trust that women recognize this

because reasonable.