Women of trachis a monologue in the play simply by

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A monologue from the play by Sophocles

NOTE: This kind of monologue is usually reprinted via Dramas. Sophocles. London: J. Meters. Dent & Sons, 1906.

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HERACLES: How many and exactly how fierce and sore to see

The labours I with body and hands have wrought!

And such an a single not even the Spouse of Jove

Set me, or maybe the abhorred Eurystheus, ever

Since this, which? neus girl crafty-faced

Fitted upon my personal shouldersthe web-toil

Woven of the Furies, which can be killing me.

For plastered to my sides, they have gnawed away

The surface of my drag, and settles in

And battens for the channels in the lungs

And has already exhausted all my new life-blood

And through my personal whole shape I are overthrown

Worsted by this unthought-for fetterment!

Treatment such as My spouse and i never however endured

Zero, not by lances in the battle-field

Or Giants earthborn army, or perhaps Centaurs may possibly

Or Grecian or churl, or all lands

That we, cleansing all their borders, went to

But one sole womana female, not only a male

By sexweaponlessputs an end to me.

Um boy, now show yourself my true-born son

Set not the name of mother all too high

But with your own hands good out of the house

And render her that uncovered you on to mine

That I may know whether you grieve to see

This form of mine abused, rather than hers

Righteously penalized. Up, my personal son, consider courage!

Have pity in me, whom any men might shame

Weeping and moaning such as a girla point

No one could say that he previously seen myself do

Before, rather, where hardships led

I implemented uncomplaining. At this point, alas

Falling from thence, I have been proven a woman.

And now come near, prepare your dads side

See under what mischance My spouse and i suffer as a result

Here, Let me show you devoid of coverings

Lo, behold most, a miserable framework!

Mark me, poor wretch, how I are pitiable! U woe! Sadly, ah me personally

Again, once again, that racking fever pain

Right through my personal side! The desperate gnawing plague

Will not likely release me from its bothering

O Hades, king, acquire me! Um Joves super, strike me!

Smite me personally, O king! Dart down thy thunderbold

Father, in me! onc again this revels

It has blossomedit provides burst out. O handshands

O as well as breast, O shoulder-blades of mine

And have you come to this, who also formerly

Conquer down simply by force the lion habitant

Of Nemea, the perilous beast and wild

Fatal to herdsmen, and the water-snake

Of Lerna, and the two-form prancing web host

Of Centaurs, insolent, unsocial, rude

Rampant at may possibly, and the Erymanthian boar

As well as the infernal triple-headed hound

Of Hades, the resistless list, whelp

From the dread Basilisk, and the Dragon-guard

Of gold apples, developing at the realms end?

And countless other toils I tasted of

And no guy set up trophies over myself!

Now below I rest, with dislocated bones

With lacerated flesh, by a dark mischief

Entirely cast away, unhappy! We

Named of the mother the majority of illustrious

Respected son of Zeus, Master of the actors!

But end up being ye certain of this, though I end up being nothing

Although I cannot move, even as My spouse and i am

Her who performed this, nonetheless, I can defeat

Let her come simply, that she may be trained

And have this to connect with all, could

Living and dying, punished wickedness!