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Not only did a consumer require the money to create their purchase, they necessary government endorsement in the form of ration stamps and cards. This severe limit on the monetary freedom of American citizens was tolerated due to the dire characteristics of the discord. Another enhancements made on American contemporary society was much less noticeable, but every bit as limited. Americans became the patients of a frequent stream of propaganda which range from posters covering the walls of public properties to the newscasts and films shown in theaters. Again, for the sake of the country, Americans once again tolerated an intrusion into a sphere that had customarily been in addition to the government. People of the Hollywood community took part in divulgación films, produced speeches by bond rallies, and performed for the troops. The newspapers and radio media reported simply what was approved by the government censors and the American people received a very one-sided view of the war. Finally, the American government gone so far as to intern Americans because of their contest. More than 95, 000 Japanese-Americans were delivered to concentration camps in the unwelcoming wastelands. Cheated out with their property, these unfortunate Us citizens spent years behind barbed wire getting guarded by military staff. The war brought on a large number of changes in American society, although it would spur those of the United States to create great and noble eschew in order to earn the war, it also presented the deeper side of American culture.

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