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Q1. “Source A is usually propaganda and, therefore , it really is of small use while evidence about the importance of girls in the 1st world battle. ” Will you agree or perhaps disagree? I agree that the resource is of little use since evidence regarding the importance of ladies in the initial world warfare, this does not nevertheless mean it can be of no use at all. It instead shows us how the leaders of the time in which trying to represent these women just to get them into function and therefore helping the country. The style shows men and women as having an almost the same status. This is certainly meant to make an effort to recruit women into jobs that were essential for keeping the war hard work going.

The origin does on the other hand show zero evidence that there has been an excellent improvement in attitudes towards women through the war. Q2. Is resource C more reliable than origin E because evidence about how precisely enthusiastic females were to support the conflict effort inside the first universe war?

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Supply C is written with hindsight, once this was crafted in 1994 it is likely that the reality is more easily accessible than it will have been throughout the war when ever things were highly censored. This is drafted upon the account of somebody who have actually witnessed these incidents and as considerably as we know had no reason to rest. If the case it demonstrates that the women weren’t as content as many sources, mainly created as promozione show them to get. Source Elizabeth was created during the conflict and is an extract from a newspaper article.

This is certainly written by a journalist who have at the time could most likely had been a man. The original source is a great exaggeration of what was in fact happening. This may either always be because the complete detail has not been known because of the heavy censorship or because the full fine detail was deliberately left out. The journalist most probably did not see these events and probably would not have been capable of make negative comments regarding the government and so the resulting piece of writing is most likely inaccurate.

I think that origin C is likely to be appropriate and more reliable than source E. Q3. Sources M and G give diverse interpretations in the attitudes to women that existed through the war. How come do they will differ? Source D can be written after the war got finished in order to was even more evident what had in fact happened. This shows that although the men recognized the women were capable to do the work the men did not desire them to as it would mean that more men were vulnerable to conscription.

We know that although the women were doing the same jobs because the men these were paid significantly less, this demonstrates they were nonetheless not regarded as mans equivalent. Source G is written during the warfare for “The War Illustrated Magazine”, this was a federal government run journal used mostly as promozione. Negative feedback would not always be placed in publications such as these which will would likewise have been was used to getting more women into work and so in many cases the stories stretched the truth and also exaggerated the few very good points.

For example this article says women have reached an almost similar status with men however they are paid out less intended for doing a similar work. The primary reason for this difference is due to when the sources were written. Origin D is most probably to be better as more information is available to the writer and since far as we know Mr Rex Pope does not have reason to lie Q4.

Why do you think source Farrenheit was considered? The source under consideration is a photo of a woman bus director taken through the first community war. A large couple of possible reasons this kind of photograph could have been taken.

It could possibly have been taken as a propaganda Photograph demonstrating how females have attained the privileges to do men’s jobs and after this have the opportunity to do it. If considered for this reason the aim would be to try and get more women in the vacancies remaining by the men who have visited fight and gain the support of girls generally by giving them these opportunities. However it could just be a personal picture of the caudillo taken by friends and family or good friends to tag this memorable moment when ever women received the chance to have these normally male careers.

Q5. How much can supply H add to our comprehension of the function of women during the first world war? Supply H is known as a collection of ten silent videos made by the federal government, the collection is known as “War girls of Britain: Girls at war 1914-18”