10 examples of political rhetoric Essay

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1 ) “Medicare is definitely the binding commitment of a caring society. ” In Director Bush’s State of the Union Address, this individual describes what medicare is always to the public. We honestly are not able to make any sense of the statement. It sounds like he could be trying to produce Medicare in to something it is not necessarily. It appears that Mister.

Bush is merely trying to appear intelligent i think. 2 . “Axis of evil” This is the term by which Chief executive Bush identifies North Korea, Iraq, and Iran; he uses this term and so people will certainly associate these types of countries with “evil”. He could be giving adversaries a identity that makes all of them look even worse to the general public. 3. “Weapons of mass destruction” Chief executive Bush uses this term to make the atomic/nuclear weapons that Iraq supposedly possesses seem more overwhelming to the open public.

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He is actually trying to scare people with this rhetoric. After people notice and believe this expression, any action that Rose bush chooses to carry out on Korea will seem justifiable. four. “Evil doers” Rather than naming the specific people or group he is talking about (such because Osama bin-Laden or members of the Al-Qaeda network), Bush refers to these people as “evil doers”, the industry very emotionally charged term, used to make certain that the public reveal his statements toward the “evil doers”. 5. “Shuttle contingency” Before NASA was positive the fact that shuttle Columbia had erupted, the situation was referred to as a “contingency” (a possible emergency).

6. “Inner-city areas” 00% of the time the phrase “inner-city area” is used; it is referring to an African-American or Hispanic neighborhood. They use this term because it’s more “politically correct”. six. “Equal Opportunity” This term is used generally when 1 minority is definitely, in reality, getting preferential treatment in order to make things “equal”. 8. “War upon Terror” This phrase is utilized to imply that the U. S. A. is focusing on possible or perhaps actual terrorists and more than ready for conflict with all of them. 9. “War on Drugs” This phrase is used to imply tighter drug guidelines on people and locations by for a longer time prison content, mandatory minimums, and many other harder penalties pertaining to drug offenders.

10. “Third World Nation” When somebody refers to a “third globe nation”, they may be referring to an extremely poor, “underdeveloped” nation.