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-My place is in chaos because I had a party with my best friends last night. I can clean my room prior to my mom occurs from job. The under garments is making ends meet the lamp, my books are all packed in the cabinet, the scarf can be beneath the TELEVISION and my shoe is under the bed. -We have the greatest cafeteria, they give different type of foods, the meals menu is indeed big this consists of Arabian, Indian, American, Mexican and Chinese foodstuff.

They have a unique Indian dish called Chicken Tekka Masala its a dish of roasted poultry chunks in a spicy spices. Breakfast Burritos is a unique Mexican meals that contains Ova, bacon, salsa, sour cream and cheddar cheese covered in a flour tortilla, popular sauce is usually optional. My favorite dish in the cafeteria menu is Shawarma, it’s an Arabian foodstuff made with chicken and bread. -David is a dangerous driver, I hate the way this individual drives the automobile, he both drive not fast enough or too quickly.

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One day we were in the Himalayan mountains, he was behind the steering generating uphill, he was driving and so fast we almost droped of the high cliff. The way this individual brakes the automobile is so scary, it jogs my memory of how my grandmother hard drives. Neighbors are so important if they are willing to help you in time of require. My favorite neighbors is Mrs.

Shirley, I remember the day if the government cut-off our water, she was the first one presently there to help all of us, she even offered us to stay for her place. She is so generous and i also like the method she hosts me.