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Magwitch was sent to Quotes to work, and if this individual ever came back to Great britain he would end up being sentenced for death. Pip did not anticipate a convict to be his benefactor he couldn’t picture such a messy, poor, old man to give him that much sum of money.

He wished to get rid of Magwitch as soon as possible. However pip grows a real affection for Magwitch. Magwitch tell pip about Compeyson the person who produced Miss Havisham the way the girl with. Pip little by little becomes partial to Magwitch. Pip tries to support Magwitch by smuggling him out of London by simply sea.

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As they were accomplishing this they were becoming watched by simply Compeyson- who will be terrified of Magwitch. Because they are about to get on to the steamer, Magwitch arguements Compeyson the 2 men along with to the ocean in the have difficulty Compeyson drowns. Pip dives in to the sea to save Magwitch.

After they are on dust the get away failed and Magwitch is found guilty of getting back to England. He was sentenced to death yet he was declining anyway. He had caught anything in the infected sea; this individual swallowed the dirty normal water and became ill.

Pip nursing staff Magwitch and starts to take pleasure in Magwitch. Pip learns that Magwitch spent my youth without parents in a raw society. Contemporary society did little for him. He blames society this forced him into becoming involved with a lot of dodgy people.

By Magwitch returning pip realises that he provides mistreated those who were genuinely dear to him, just like Joe that is always faithful towards Pip. The tennis courts are not capable of showing compassion. Magwitch came back to Britain out of love for Pip. Eventually Pip learns that Magwitch have been generous towards him so he feels the need to come back it.

Pip realises that Magwitch is also human. Pip understands the real depth of the sacrifice that Magwitch has turned for him. Pip is made to un-learn all the pieces that this individual has learned to re-discover the importance of human relationships. Dickens gave pip to be able to become more than he is simply to have reverted back to the kind and pleasant Pip.

Pip discovers that he cannot change who he’s inside by Magwitch. Magwitch uses Pip as his revenge about Society. He uses pip like a toy and moulded it right into a gentleman. Compeyson got a lighter sentence in your essay because of his status this individual wanted pip to have the same advantage.

Dickens tries to show something about the legal system at the time in the twentieth 100 years. However Magwitch ‘s reasons were not only revenge but also gratitude for the meals Pip gave him. Pip could have switched a blind eye to Magwitch if he was in his hour of need.

Magwitch develops a fatherly love towards Pip. Magwitch pertains pip to his daughter who he lost. Magwitch though that his young daughter had been murdered but pip told him that your woman was well and he was in love with her.

Magwitch educates pip that we now have two meanings behind the word “Gentleman” 1 . Is the status and school.