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As a Legal Management Scholar who will rapidly be going forward to Legislation, I have learn and realized so many things regarding being a lawyer when I finished reading the colour of Rules by Mark Gimenez. While i was still a little child my own dream was going to become ideal lawyer in order to help individuals unfortunate persons. I always believed being a attorney is about helping, defending, and giving proper rights to my own fellow Filipinos.

I likewise thought that after i become a lawyer I can have got lots of money to supply my needs so that as to my family. I likewise thought that all those lawyers were the best because they gamble their lives every day just to defend the citizens of its country. Then I be aware that it is only all in my own imagination because in the real-world lawyers will not usually perform everything proper, sometimes it is most lies in my eyes. Scotty, the color of regulation isn’t black-and-white, it’s green!

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The rule of legislation is moneymoney rules! Funds makes the law and the regulation protects the amount of money! And lawyers protect those with funds! Dan Ford With this range it made me realize that for a few lawyers they don’t put their very own hearts in protecting the law but their desire and like for money. It also made me realize that the codes and guidelines made in black-and-white does not currently governs what the law states and the people but it is definitely the money which makes the world try.

I have likewise realized that some lawyer’s defraud under the regulation, they do not even care about giving justice for the unfortunate or to the faithful but they make the wrong correct in the eye of others. Lastly, I have realized that when funds is included justice is not accompanied by its right purpose. But you may be wondering what I have discovered from this declaration is that when I become a lawyer in the future I will fight for the best thing and not blind me personally with the wrong one for money.

I have likewise learned that were the future decades and we must not be poisoned with what is happening right now but rather ought to make a big change for the better with the society. Inside the story I possess seen that Scott and his other colleague’s works in a best and the most famous Law Firm. I have just realized that they can be working in an ideal and the most well-known Law Firm is really because they have worked hard in attaining their college degree.

I have also noticed that they are extremely paid by the firm mainly because they belong to the top students of the best college or university in Based in dallas. So I have learn that if I desire to be employed by essentially the most well known law firm in the Philippines, I must work hard to be one of the best learners in my long term law university. I have likewise learned that to be highly paid simply by my employer in the future I have to be among the bar top-notcher.

Though I really do not assurance to be this kind of in the future but it really made me realized that trying can easily always be the best solution. Third, I have noticed in the story that after Scott was appointed to be the lawyer of Shawanda that is a prostitute and a drug abuser that this individual did not genuinely believe that she actually is innocent. I possess realized that a lot of the best legal representatives are not generally the best with regards to their jobs as a attorney because a attorney must not evaluate their clients but must always put their very own clients to be innocent. I possess learn that whenever a lawyer what things to prove her client harmless, he must first have hope and belief of her client’s innocence from the criminal offense.

It is important because when you since her lawyer do not believe that she is faithful then the girl might lose her self-confidence and instead force to tell a lie and may even commit a larger mistake. 4th, I have as well seen in the storyline that when Jeff was about to lose everything, this individual did not attention or consider his relatives or what could happen to his family. Although Scott was just becoming kind, he just looked after his client and even carrying out the right issue but for me family is the main thing in the world.

We would not want to give up everything just for my clients but instead I would battle all these conditions just to defend my family from all of these. I have realized with this kind of that there is zero purpose of earning a case if you do not have a genuine and complete family to celebrate with. I have learned from this that when I be a lawyer in the foreseeable future I would do everything to protect my customer and do the best thing but in a right way. Fifth, I possess realized through the story that they portrait or perhaps described legal professionals as cheaters, dishonest, and immoral.

I do believe that this can be not a good model to those young aspiring attorneys to be. I use learned that to date being a scholar aspiring to become lawyer down the road, I would carry out my best to practice rules in a legitimate and in a moral way. I would as well start to value the law simply by putting Goodness first and so i would be led on what is best way to fix without being a distraction for the society.

I think that if perhaps lawyers the actual right factor with great and meaning intention then simply we could have a tranquil society and justice will be given reasonably. I have found that being a legal professional with very good moral figure is what an attorney should be happy with and not the multiple amounts of cases he previously won since at the end of the day people do not generally care about you but you instead could make yourself proud of the things you did. I use seen that Scott did not totally have confidence in God’s sophistication on how he’d handle with his life. I think that Our god is the centre of everything and so we must place him initially in anything that we perform.

I believe that with every occupation when you just trust Goodness, he would assist you to be the most successful person. I have viewed from Scott’s situation that he did not trust Goodness or pray for Shawanda’s life being reformed but instead this individual judged her until the end. I have learned from it and I guaranteed myself that when I be a lawyer We would definitely place and trust God initially in every case that I would encounter.

With this inspiration I would be able to follow and follow the law in a right approach. VOIR TERRIBLE can be described as legal term meaning to speak the facts. I seriously think that these words are definitely the most important factor to be kept in mind in exercising the law.

I possess learned from your book that being a legal professional you must first put in mind or practice to speak the reality because as being a lawyer you stand as the leader in the law. I actually also think that if you speak the truth then a truth would prevail. As well speaking intended for the truth is just one way of respecting the rules of the legislation and your self. I also believe that in case you have this inside you then additionally, you will be voiced by the truth by other folks. I learned that in a court docket trial persons do not usually want to know the truth and simply cared about winning the situation but when 1 speaks in the truth after that we would include a peace of mind, cardiovascular and a clean notion.

I believe that professors should not only train about the topic matter nevertheless must inform their learners to be a attorney who has pride to are a symbol of the truth. I actually also assume that a parent should teach and practice youngsters to tell the truth mainly because they might come to be lawyers in the far foreseeable future. I was thankful we were requested to read this book because it helped me realized a whole lot about how legal professionals act and deal with diverse cases that they can had came across. I have at this point learned how they worked, that they find and gather these evidences regarding the complainant without complicating things. I use also discovered how a case works on a genuine court, how suspects plus the witness is asked about the case.

I now know the way the lawyers asked each witness facts without warning and find out the real suspect. Also because of this publication I have at this point learn so much in order to be a better lawyer rather than follow the footsteps of those legal professionals who are deceitful and dishonest. Now I know how to deal with potential foods that are associated with criminal situations by respecting and not judging them with how many other people consider them.

I possess realized that I should be different to generate a mark and stay known to persons and my clients in the future by my personal good moral character. I’ve also learned that when I be a lawyer, I would not take action deceitful, deceptive or wrong just to win a case and make a lot of money but I might do the proper thing although I won’t be remembered from that. After browsing the publication I have totally made up my mind that I would be taking up regulation school.

My spouse and i promised me personally to study well and help to make my parents pleased with me. I think the book stand since an ideas to me to become best and better lawyer than those explain by the book. I want to vary from them because I see their life miserable and not satisfied with what they may have. I hate how the lawyers wanted to be the best sometimes more, I think it really is childish mainly because when you’re a lawyer you need to be proud of what you’re in a position of and make the most out of it or you should certainly learn from every single mistake you take and become better.

Yet despite the wrong this Scott Fenney got done in the past, I continue to idolized him and planned to be appreciated him in the foreseeable future because it taught me that his intelligence got him to his dreams. Also I idolized him as they fought for the best and defended her consumer even if she’s known to be a prostitute and a drug addict. I actually idolized him for turning his mistakes and made that right by leaving his past existence from belonging to the rich citizens of Dallas.

I likewise idolized him for being an accountable son to his mom because though his mom was useless, he do his better to rich his mother’s desire for him to have and reach every thing they had at heart together. And finally, I want to always be liked him because though he was not just a very very good husband to his wife because he would not stop his wife by leaving him still having been a good and the best father to his daughter Boo. He performed a great job taking good care of his daughter and producing her part of his profession by showing how his job works.

He as well inspired me because he help and let Pajamae stay by their home even though she is grayscale a girl of a prostitute and a drug abuser. Brilliant legal representatives without rich clients will be worthless to large rules firms I do believe this is true because being in a large law practice you have to take care of the amount of money you contribute. Likewise in a practice you have associates who trust you by bringing their firms brand but of course you must pay back. This is exactly why you owe the firm intended for giving you consumers because consumers does not immediately go and see a personal attorney but they trust a big law firm where they can be sure to never be disappointed.

Also lawyers that are fewer brilliant and less intelligence with rich customers are still worthless or pointless because most though you will still be paid huge still clients would not become satisfied by the result and does want to go back again. I think that being a very good lawyer is better than being a wealthy lawyer however you suffer with your criminal or fraudulent activities. When I be a lawyer We would first be sure and review my actions before My spouse and i mixed my own career with money.

I believe that my own reputation and my persona is the best thing that I can be proud without even money. I may be poor by this idea or considering but becoming a lawyer can be quite a great worth as money is. My spouse and i also assume that this will get me pleasure and serenity but money will simply buy happiness temporarily. Like a lawyer with a good heart will be permanent to my staying. I know that if I will just do what a lawyer should really do I will be blessed by my clients that can see my efforts pay me good money.

With this kind of I know that I have worked hard for that money and not earn a lot of money intended for something I did not do. I want be paid by my own hard performed and efforts that I experienced invest than being paid and never went back the well worth. I have also realized that maybe someday We would enter politics and maybe become one of the senators in the Philippines but that I can sure when this kind of time comes I would absolutely return the favor for putting me personally in a superb position. I would personally stay in the positioning as a fair senator that will do everything for the better in the society. I would personally not wind up as Senator McCall in the account that acquires everything with money and expect to hide all the awful information’s about him.

In actual life when we commit mistakes we ought to not cover it up yet instead all of us ask for forgiveness to prospects who there were hurt and pay attention to from it. People will certainly understand and ultimately forgive you in time since we all know that nobody’s excellent and we most make mistakes. I do believe the book is good as it made attorneys see how true attorney is by lawyers who are just pretending to be the best but they really are silly. I love how the publication portrayed and describe every detail how the heroes are since we learn from their heroes. Just like Rebecca who is driven and was just after the cash that Jeff can offer.

The girl does not even make Scott feel loved because the girl does not allow him to touch her. I did not as well liked her character since she would not appreciate how Scott proved helpful hard only to give her what the lady dreamed of, from a estate, car, dresses and a fantastic husband who have loved her so much. And lastly, her character of going out of his kid and partner for a golfing boy who not have everything to offer her and she’s not even sure that he love her or just for money. The girl was not a good example to her child for how she served in times of most severe which might happen and followed by her child. She really should have said apologies to her daughter for leaving them certainly not saying good bye because she is better with no her, a kid would not understand that.

Summary Scott Fenney, a prosperous lawyer who also knows how to make an exception, mastering the creative abilities of being an attorney and a legal representative who makes lots of money coming from it. He graduated as a top pupil from SWU. He includes a wife Rebecca and a daughter known as Boo. They lived happily and quietly at a mansion by Highland Area and this individual drives a Ferrari. This individual works on the Ford Stevens Law firm and earns 1 / 2 and more compared to a million in a given time.

The Kia Stevens Lawyer is known to be the best law firm in the point out. He is a company lawyer whom represents corporations and never showed an individual person convicted of crime. An instance was transmit to the public news about the homicide of Clark McCall who is the son of the Senator Mack McCall in Based in dallas, Mexico.

Clark McCall was found deceased in his room shot above his kept eye as well as the murder was suspected to be the prostitute Shawanda Jones who has been with him when needed he passed away. The case does not involve Scott and his life was ideal until Evaluate Buford appointed to be the lawyer of Shawanda Jones to defend her through the crime of murder. He visited Shawanda from the imprisonment and this individual witness that she is a heroin has to be. He asked Shawanda about the crime and what happened. Shawanda told her story to Scott that she was picked up by Clark at Harry Hines Boulevard and was assured to be paid a thousand us dollars to spend per night with him.

They then found Clark’s put and to his bedroom but then Clark began to slap her that your woman in return punched him in the eye and kicked him in the balls, that he fell to the floors and the girl took her thousand dollars and his car keys and drove herself back to Harry Hines and left the vehicle there. Scott asked her why was her tool used in the crime landscape, she after that explained which it might have slipped from her purse when she was in a rush from leaving. Scott in that case asked her why the girl does the lady carry that gun in her purse, she then solved that your woman lives in the project where your life could possibly be in danger whenever.

Scott would not believe during that time, he believes that when the gun is definitely the murder system of the criminal offenses scene then you certainly must have completed it. Serta Ford owner of the Ford Stevens Practice is the personal lawyer of Senator McCall and was told that he should certainly convinced his lawyer to declined or perhaps put down the truth. Dan then told Jeff that it would not be good for the Law Firm’s image to engage in a case of homicide because they represent noted associates of any corporation.

This individual warned Jeff that it might destroy his career to represent a prostitute. Scott also did not wish the job hired to him and desired to assign an additional lawyer Bobby as a alternative. Bobby is a criminal defense lawyer but is not a very powerful lawyer, this individual even envy and is envious of Scott’s successful job because he truly does earn very much as his friend do. He recognized the job agreed to him by Scott but when they displayed to court docket and informed the evaluate about the substitution, Shawanda had a choice to choose which will lawyer the girl wants to symbolize her and she still chose Jeff.

So Scott had no choice and pursued with the circumstance despite the accusations and alerts about his career. Shawanda is a black woman who has a child named Pajamae who was still left at their residence at the tasks. Scott was asked a favour by her to test Pajamae and also to bring her in prison to see her mother. The projects is actually a wild put in place Dallas wherever black people lives and where difficulties usually happen. He got Pajamae with her mother in jail and he was frightened to go back, so he made a decision to let Pajamae stay with his family in Highland Park where he provides a daughter same as her age.

His partner Rebecca would not like the thought about it but his little girl Boo do want to have a sister and she acquired along well with Pajamae. During the months before the trial, they collected every details and data to defend or perhaps prove Shawanda innocent. They will investigate Clark’s background and found out that he has a good alcohol and drug abuse, also some allegations of rape. I had been brought to courtroom about the matter then Senator McCall got angry of what Jeff turned out to be.

Hence the next next days Jeff began to reduce his car which was gonna be taken apart by the lender he possessed a loan to. Then he needs to shell out his bills but having been running out of funds. He was alright with burning off everything because he knows this individual has clientele who pay out him 50 percent and more thousands in a year but when he went to see his client Mary Dibrell, having been shocked that Tom is usually firing him. He blamed everything to Senator McCall when he traveled to see and ask his boss Dan Kia to tell the bank to give him more time to pay his loan nevertheless Dan rejected and Scott was mixed up but then he eventually hook up the dots that Lalu was the a single behind everything is happening to him.

Dan asked him again to place down the case but Jeff refused in that case he was terminated from the organization which was his only hotel with his your life problems. Following losing anything he owned, his wife Rebecca kept him because she are unable to longer take the humiliation and what people would think. Following everything that had happen he thought to him self to do his very best to prove to the population that he could be a good attorney and they can prove that despite Shawanda’s qualifications she is faithful. They accumulated name of some girls that Clark simon may had rape or sexual harassment but only 1 of the girl responded and wanted to become a witness.

Hannah Steele did not file charges and injuries when the time she was raped since she was scared and blackmailed simply by McCall thus he retained quiet for a long time. They kept her named until the last trial mainly because she is the sole solution to prove that Clark was a rapist and a hurtful. The month of august was about to reach but they are nonetheless not yet ready for the trial because they will got only one witness with out other data about Shawanda’s innocent and also to prove that Clark simon is a rapist and a racist.

That they had a last resort that is Carl a great assistant of Bobby in which he is looking into Clark’s history to gather various other witness. Therefore Scott and Bobby acquired only one fun time who is Hannah Steele who apparently declined to speak on the day of the trial. Then Jeff did not really know what to do, what things to ask the witness of some other side of the watch case just to defend Shawanda. After that right after having been losing hope on earning the case, Carl arrived at the court and presented a great envelope to Scott which has the travel arrangements from Washington to Based in dallas on the day Clark simon was killed.

The trial go on, Scott asked and listened to witnesses who will be police and Fbi who had been present about that day time. He then realized after tuning in and discovering all the photos of Clark’s murdered physique that Shawanda was left-handed and that Clark was shot on the uppr part of his right eyesight. So Scott made a realization the fact that murderer was a right-handed that is not Shawanda. Thus he gathered and analyzed all the airline flight documents from that day and located Clark’s air travel and a related person to him was on the flight just next to his slated flight.

The person related to him on the next flight together with the same vacation spot as him was Delroy Lund who is a body guard of his father Senator McCall. When ever Delroy was asked upon court regarding his presence when needed Clark perished he said he was in Washington while using Senator. Then when Scott shown the papers and asked him how come was call him by his name registered together with his driver’s license number, he answered to make an exutoire that this individual forgot about that day.

After that he unintentionally denied eradicating Clark yet called him something foolish and the court suspected that he is the killer. The court docket suspected and located him doing killing Clark because he seriously has hatred and jealousy from Clark and this individual followed him that day time because she suspected that Clark was going to do something foolish again.