A chemical substance experiment to synthesis

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Esters happen to be derived from carboxylic acids. A carboxylic acid contains the –COOH group. In an ester, the hydrogen is group can be replaced with a hydrocarbon number of a kind. The hydrocarbon group can be an alkyl group such as methyl or perhaps ethyl or perhaps one made up of a benzene ring just like phenyl. Low molecular fat esters are generally used since fragrances and located in important oils and pheromones. Esters can be obtained by reaction of alkyl halides or perhaps acid anhydrides with alcohols or by reaction of salts of carboxylic acid with alkyl halides. ( Byju’s, May 23, 2016)

The small esters have almost the same cooking food point since the ketones and aldehydes with the same number of carbon atoms. Aldehydes and ketones are polar molecules. Consequently , they have dipole-dipole interactions and Van welcher Waals distribution forces. All their boiling point are not of up to an chemical p which have precisely the same number of atoms with all of them because they cannot form hydrogen bonds. The little esters happen to be fairly soluble in water but solubility decreases with chain size. The reason of solubility is definitely although esters cannot hydrogen bond with themselves, they will hydrogen connection with water molecules. ( Jim Clark 2004 )


To synthesis esters which give fruits all their characteristic flavours.

Apparatus required

Water bath, check tubes, droppers

Chemical compounds needed

Salicylic acid, methyl alcohol, concentrated sulphuric acid, acetic acid, n-propyl alcoholic beverages, octyl alcoholic beverages, butyric acid, n-butyl alcoholic beverages

Types of procedures

Part A: Synthesis of Methyl Salicylate

  • 0. 5g salicylic acidity was weighted.
  • The salicylic acid solution was transferred to another large dry evaluation tube and 1 . 5ml of methyl alcohol was added.
  • 3 to 4 drops of targeted H2S04 was added properly to the blend (in the hood) and i also was blended again by tapping underneath of the pipe with fingertips.
  • This mixture was placed in the water shower (90°C) pertaining to 10 min to total the reaction.
  • After the response is full, the test pipe was taken from the water bathtub and it had been allowed to cool.
  • After it has cooled down, the smoke was wafted carefully by passing your hand over the top from the tube female nose. The minty aroma of wintergreen can be smelled.
  • For those who have difficulty smelling it, this content of the test tube could be poured right into a beaker made up of hot water or perhaps sodium carbonate solution. The aroma with the methyl salicylate should be noticeable upon addition of hot water or salt carbonate remedy.
  • The observation was observed.

Part M: Synthesis of Orange

Carboxylic acid Alcoholic beverages Ester Fragance

Acetic acid Octyl liquor n-octyl acetate Orange

  • n-octyl acetate was prepared by putting 6th drops of octyl alcohol in a clean, dry 10mL test tube.
  • a couple of drops of glacial lactic acid was added.
  • you drop of concentrated sulfuric acid was added, the tube was agitated to combine the items, and the test tube was placed in the boiling water bathroom for 4 minutes.
  • When ever heating is done, the test tube was taken off the water bathtub, and twenty drops of water was added to quality tube contents. The test conduit was shook well.
  • The scent of the item was carefully noted as well as the results was written.

Part C: Synthesis of Strawberry

Carboxylic acid Liquor Ester Perfume

Butyric acid Ethyl ethyl butyrate Strawberry

  • Ethyl butyrate was prepared by putting 6th drops of ethyl alcohol in a clean, dry 10mL test pipe.
  • two drops of butyric acidity was added carefully.
  • 1 drop of targeted sulphuric acid was added, the pipe was irritated to mix the contents as well as the test tube was put into the hot water for three minutes.
  • If the heating is done, the test conduit was taken off the water bath, and 20 drops of water was added to test tube that contain the ester. It was distressed to mix.
  • 5The stench of the merchandise was very carefully noted as well as the results were documented.


Odour/smell of esters formed in reactions between(Joseph Hiltner 2011):

Salicylic acid and Methyl Liquor: Wintergreen Smell

Acetic acid and Octyl Liquor: Orange Odour

Butyric Chemical p and Ethyl Alcohol: Blood Odour