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2) Encyclopedia. com (

1 . Informe Temporal Lobectomy

2 . ADULT T-Cell Leukemia

3) Worldbook online

Available through Missoula Public collection (if you have a collection card)

or perhaps WorldBook (print edition, at the local library)

4) Another encyclopedia

Computer research and reasoning

Active Design Library, from Microsoft

ATLAS Transformation Vocabulary, a QVT model change language pertaining to Model Driven Engineering

Alternating-time Temporal Logic, a branching-time temporal common sense that naturally describes computations of multi-agent system and multiplayer online games


The atlanta area, Georgia, United States

Hartsfield-Jackson The atlanta area International Airport (IATA airport code: ATL)

Attleborough railway station, its Nationwide Rail code


ATL (film), a 2006 film set in the location of Altlanta ga, Georgia, USA

Above the line (advertising), a marketing strategy

Across the Line (BBC Radio Ulster), a LABELLISÉ BASSE CONSOMMATION Northern Ireland music company

ATL (band), an RB boy music group

Above the Legislation (group), a Los Angeles-based rap group

All Period Low, a pop-punk band from Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland

Among the Living, an album by simply Anthrax (band)

A Thousand Leaves, an recording by Sonic Youth


Advanced tactical laser, a U. T. military plan to attach a high strength laser system on an aeroplanes for use against ground objectives

Americans pertaining to Technology Management, an organization that advocates limited government regulation of technology

Automatic Tape Catalogue, used by APPLE and others to represent a computer back up tape software


Relationship of Educators and Lecturers, a teachers’ union in the UK

Adult T-cell leukemia, a rare cancer in the immune system’s own T-cells

See likewise

Above the line (disambiguation)


Dr . Atl



5) Produce a bibliography of encyclopedia articles about your topic. Utilize the APA Style Manual, 6th ed.

Subject matter: Atlatl – Ancient tool used extensively by Aztec warriors as well as others to increase the throwing distance of spears by providing additional strength storage, leverage, and slanted momentum for the projectile.


Aztec Weaponry. (2010). Aztec Warfare and Weapons. Gathered July one particular, 2010


Hrdlicka, D. (2004). “HOW Hard Does it Strike? A Study of Atlatl and Dart

Ballistics. ” Gathered July one particular, 2010 in the Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site at:

Wikipedia On the net Encyclopedia. (2010). “Atlatl” Retrieved July you, 2010 coming from:

The earth Atlatl Relationship, Inc. (2010). What is the Atlatl? Gathered July one particular

2010 via:

six. Which encyclopedia provided the very best coverage?

Wikipedia. com supplied the best insurance coverage because it was your most comprehensive. That included the widest variety of conceivably relevant information that corresponded for the largest volume of possible in-text connections. Additionally, it provided the most external references for additional analysis on the theme.