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As coming from seen previously Careem provides taken a lot of initiatives towards health care recently. The primary taxi support has released another stage towards healthy living, they’ve combined up with Chughtai Labs underneath “The Careem Healthcare Programme” for Boat captains on Wednesday. The program pledges discounted medical services and ensures chief health always. This step can be seen as staff health care benefits. This helps captains suffering from health problems and not having the capacity to afford full treatments.

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Poor health-related is a growing issue in Pakistan for over 10 years. A large portion of our nationals doesn’t have the money required to acquire quality medical services rather than even entry to these companies. Medical procedures and services in Pakistan are exceedingly expensive and hard to come by. So , Careem features decided to support their boat captains out. They will conducted a national-level review of captain expenditure, the average captain’s monthly spends about healthcare is usually between PKR 1000 and PKR 3 thousands. In order to lessen their health care expenditure Careem aims to support captains get access to better health care at reduced rates. Which has been achieved by a partnership with several healthcare organizations. How can it function?

The company will assign captains working for these the Chugtai lab’s “Blue Card” on discounted prices through which they may receive discount rates on medical tests, medical services, medicines, and radiology. Many of these expensive testing will be reduced to almost nothing therefore immensely helping the Careem staff save their cash.

Now, a lot of people query that healthcare is limited to Chughtai Labs. Well, the good thing is that these labs extend to 167 locations. So , the captains will be able to take advantage of the cards without any restrictions.


The card will probably be given to boat captains at a heavily reduced rate of PKR four hundred with a 2-year validity. Additionally , up to 9 family members from the captains can easily avail the discounts on the card. Thus not only will be the employees staying taken care of but also their own families.

Careem is currently in talks with several other labs, hospitals and insurance providers intended for similar relationships.

“Our captains would be the backbone of your network. All of us wish to help them not simply by providing them earning opportunities but as well by promoting them with all their off-ride bills. Thousands of people lose their lives in Pakistan due to the unaffordability of quality healthcare companies. Through this kind of programme, we all wish to observe our captain fraternity healthy and prosperous. Careem is going to continue to include more hostipal wards and health care providers through this project in order that captains may avail savings all over the country upon different solutions, ” said Junaid Iqbal, Managing Overseer, Careem Pakistan. “

The corporation has taken the market simply by storm because the day this started. It includes started keeping a very careful watch in its staff struggles and sets out to help them in any way they will. Initiatives like these help increase employee loyalty. By taking such stage Careem has grown their standard of living through inexpensive healthcare, education, and other features.

What is more, Careem has additionally partnered with several schools across Karachi recently to provide discounted education to captains’ children. The corporation wishes to empower it is captains and provide their employees with all types of benefits.

Well you know the reason behind Careem’s success. What do you think about these projects? Should businesses like Above all follow Careem’s footsteps? Contact us in the comments below.