Apple-Merging Technology, Business and Entertainment Essay

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Firstly, after Jobs found the market information first of all, he bought the SoundStep from Shaun Robbin, additionally, Robbin and a couple of different programmers started writing code from scratch and developed the first type of ITunes. Secondly, Jobs make iTunes portable.

Third, after the ipod touch was born, Careers noticed the final key element was missing, web store for buying downloadable songs, after which he achieve it. c. people person’s sensitivity, expert and initiative, for example: No . 1 is Steve Careers, the market details founder, he is a tenderness man. No . 2 happen to be Steve Jobs and other coders, they are all qualified in i . t. No . 3 is Become a member of Lin, an initiative man. 2 . Describe the types of details employees in a Apple retail store might require. The consumer’s need, the competitors’ technology plus the personal salary. 3. Illustrate the types of info the management at Apple’s corporate head office require.

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Industry information, current trends, product’s benefit and company’s increased. 4. How are the two groups above gonna obtain the informationi. e. what sorts of systems, IT components, software program, etc are needed.? I believe, the employees can obtain information by what the consumer or colleague’s say, the neighborhood area network in the firm and the approach to company’s info delivery.

They require computer, the software program of company’s information delivery and other’s necessary THIS components.? The executive by corporate headquarters can obtain info from the several information system, for example , financial system, market early on warning program and ERP etc . They want computer and correlative software. 5. At the time you think of the Apple company, what pictures come to mind? There is no doubt, up to date, Apple is accomplishment, in the diversification market, Apple found his own product different from others, and then Apple continue searching for and combining, achieved great success. 6th.

What kind of Business Culture do you believe that exists at Apple? The first one is innovating and creating spirit; the second is combining, I really believe. 7. Work with your Crystal Ball, to predict what new impressive ideas you believe will come from Apple down the road. It is possible that Apple could make more products in the digital information program, they do not only create music software, nevertheless also they will make videotex product, since videotext method the new developments in current society.

8. From a great investment perspective, how do you feel about Apple’s upcoming? If Apple continue finding and creating base around the new styles, I think of Apple’s long term is better, could be Apple can be the biggest software cooperation as Microsoft and IBM in the world.