Application of Risk Management Essay

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Using Risk Management I would have to say one of the most likely pairs of threat/vulnerability are position, equipment failure, social architectural, Denial of Service (DOS), and Inconforme ware. These threats appear to be the most difficult for this business. The first one is location; the servers are typical housed in the company headquarters where when a natural or perhaps manmade devastation would impact the company’s infrastructure. They have to distribute all their servers to different locations. Another pair is equipment failure; each server has its own certain function that this handles and so.

It would help mitigate a number of the risk that would happen in the event that each storage space handled their own problems. Social engineering is actually a problem because it is dependent on the consumer which another individual can crack the person for information that could obtain access to the agencies system. 2 is a trouble because the public systems are not shielded by firewalls and anti virus program. This makes service supply a reduction. The final problem is malware which is caused by the possible lack of anti-virus or perhaps out of date virus definitions.

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The effect of this is usually the loss of hardware or info depending on the actual virus was originally designed to do. You will find six risk management steps you may use to protect your company: