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Big Five Personality Research

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Cher in the film Unaware: Big five personality characteristic analysis


Openness is usually an understanding for new suggestions. On one hand, sixteen-year-old Cher is fairly unaware of issues that exist outside of her narrow world of Beverly Hills, and she is incredibly judgmental of so-called ‘stoners’ at her high school, or perhaps people who will not fit in with her in-group. Nevertheless , she is open enough to embrace a new girl called Tai who comes to the college, even though the lady seems very ‘clueless’ about how precisely to dress and behave. Cher tries to teach Tai the ideals of the senior high school – Cher’s values.

Despite her obvious superficiality, Cher does have a clear sense of private morality. The girl with open about the fact that she is a virgin, saying that she is expecting the right person to enjoy ‘first time’. This will make her unconventional in her school, and shows that she has a value program that does not simply narrowly comply with the world around her.


Cher is highly conscientious about her personal appearance and reputation with regards to where the lady shops, who also she date ranges, and how she looks. She’s devastated when ever she fails her driving test for the first time. However , Cher reveals little affinity for getting great grades through academic effort. She enjoys wheedling her teachers in to giving her extra details, but uses her negotiating skills instead of her educational ability to improve her report card. Your woman earned reward for this: Her father says that he couldn’t had been more pleased to hear of her capacity to talk her way out of her awful grades, then had your woman actually legitimately earned the grades themselves. Cher would thus charge high on the attribute of conscientiousness, because she is extremely determined to meet certain benchmarks, as arranged by her society. Nevertheless , these standards do not contain learning in the interest of learning, both at home or perhaps at college. Cher is usually not dutiful and obedient in a regular fashion, nevertheless she is really determined once she sets her center into a thing, although that ‘something’ can be unlikely to become what her teachers need.


Extroversion is perhaps Cher’s dominant trait. Even her personal interests are vibrant. When she’s bored, the lady tries to fix up two of her teachers, romantically – in order to ‘socially improve’ and educate her close friends in style. Rather than amusing their self with inward-directed pastimes, most of her energies are focused in an outer-directed fashion. She seldom scans and makes fun of her stepbrother pertaining to showing any in philosophy and not attempting to go to get-togethers and shop. If something is not seen by other folks – whether it be clothing, shoes, or a community