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Business Analysis Part A single

McDonald’s Firm

McDonald’s organization currently may be the largest in fast food restaurants chain on the globe, mainly providing hamburgers, Fries, cheeseburgers, soft drinks and breakfast. In the recent past the fast food added on the menu fresh fruit and salad. The business was started in 1940 by Dick and Macintosh McDonalds in California. The corporation has grown steadily and when this started like a franchise in 1955 this growth turn into rapid and lead to the worldwide growth that is getting witnessed today. With the current success with the McDonald’s, around the international market segments, the company serves as a good example of the positive effect (McDonald web page, 2012). This kind of report is likely to take a critical examination of McDonald’s using SWOT analysis to appraise this suitability in whether obtain or not really invest in the organization.

Company review

The story of McDonald’s started out when two brothers, Dick and Mac pc McDonald opened a store in San Bernardino, California to offer burgers. Currently, MacDonald’s food chains are situated in 119 countries around the world and computers almost 58 million buyer per day. McDonald’s company likewise manages other brands of cafe for example hemorrhoids cafe. Completely McDonald reported revenue of 20. 075 Billion USD and a net income of $4. 949 Billion. McDonald has a total workforce of 440, 500 employees; this is according to records consumed 2010. McDonald’s have a slogan of “I’m loving’ it” that has made it to become well-known brand (McDonald internet site, 2012).

SWOT Analysis

Normally, organizations and institutions today are using SWOT analysis as being a strategic method/tool for evaluating their talents, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Hazards with reference to ideal planning. SWOT analysis determines the internal and external factors that identify the successes a company offers specified in the goals and objectives. Initial, it specifies the internal elements i. electronic. strengths and weaknesses of McDonald’s firm. Secondly, that categorizes the external factors that have been discovered to boost or perhaps hinder the achievements of the company especially in terms of growth and expansion (Anthony, 1998). These external factors are the options and risks.


Strength of McDonald’s is the photo it has, marketplace leadership, financial resources good customer care. McDonald’s is the biggest food chain in the world serving over 58 million customers each day. It has a lot more than 30, 1000 restaurants located in 120 countries around the world. They will driving force has been introducing junk food culture, very good service delivery, cleanliness and customer care. One other strength while been Company image of the company which makes the industry to comprehend out from the rest (McDonald website, 2012).

Technology: McDonald’s has employed the most recent technology in its service delivery, for example the company has the newest cash subscribes and also have electric power timers set in their cooking machines. As well the choices are well lighted to connect to the cooks and speakers are placed by strategic spots to help in communication (Hoovers. com, 2012)

Location: the business has located its outlets in areas that remarkably populated, having a lot of visitors, and high visibility. This makes the business to easily generate high volume of sales.

Quality products: McDonald’s is currently an effective fast food cafe globally. Very low good standing for good value going by quality of food and services it gives, such as, drive thru, larger menu, larger coverage etc . The company is growing substantially in recent years in line with globalization and franchising.

Huge possessions: The Company’s resources make that one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Most of these assets which are section of the company’s exclusive fast food services which has trained with a huge market share compared to the other folks in the sector (Hoovers. com, 2012)

Some weakness

Market saturation: the fast food industry is now saturated, which presents concern to the firm, it has to acknowledge that chance of being unable to put more retailers. It has been forecasted that the industry will increase at 2% annually. Also this is high price competition arising from too many players in the market; this reduces the capacity of McDonald’s to increase it is earnings.

Deficiency of innovation: the business has also been criticized of missing behind in innovation. Because noted by Hoovers. com (2012) the past major ground breaking product the organization came up with was Chicken Mcnugget in 1983. Since then, the company has not been capable to come with other innovative goods. This implies the company can loss the market share to its opponents with ground breaking products.

Poor communication in certain of the food stores: A key some weakness is the concern of retaining set criteria of such a big chain, it truly is impracticable of course, if lack of top quality in one retail outlet will impact the whole sequence. For example , it is often noted that leadership and communication can be poor in a few stores. The communication between customers and employees can be not ideal. Employees happen to be observed to never offer any kind of feedback concerning counter looking at of requests or information of any deals which might occur. As concerning communication between employees, it merely consisted of shouting and shouting in the kitchen. Taking a look at leadership, no manager was observed making the rounds ensuring customer satisfaction.


While globalizations continues to open up fresh markets and eliminate boundaries of doing business McDonalds can continue to come with an opportunity of opening up fresh franchise in other countries or increase their presence in the countries exactly where they have already established. The main opportunities lie in Asia that has continued to witness good economic expansion. Especially in expanding consumer markets in countries such as India and China and tiawan or located new markets. Also there exists still marketplace in other areas as the business is serving less than 1% of the total population of the world.


Threat of franchising: One main threat of any brand that is franchised is the marriage between the business dealer plus the management. Firm strength shaped is the main power of the contract any trembling of the business will/may lead to the entire system breaking.

Competition and govt policies: As McDonald’s may be the biggest foodstuff chain on the globe, it is susceptible to harsh competition as just about all food chain companies will probably be trying to undertake and outweigh it monetarily. The biggest competitors of McDonald’s are White castle and the APPLEBEES which are disguising a risk to it is market share Being a global leader through this field, McDonald’s is confronted with threats via government policies in different countries.

Identify you can actually internal and external stakeholders

As explained by Grant (2005), an organization’s stakeholders happen to be those get-togethers that can rationally be seen to be affected by decisions come to by the business. They are seen as representing the organization’s sociable, economic and environmental aspects. In our circumstance, the internal stakeholders are the managers and personnel in the firm and their activities affect the each day operation with the organization. The other group can be connected stakeholders who consist of customers and suppliers and invest or perhaps deal with the company. The external stakeholders are certainly not directly coupled to the company although can influence or are influenced by the organization’s activities; such as the local community, government, pressure groups and native councils.

Illustrate their wishes and needs.

Employees and managers require, training, good compensation, motivation, contribution and justness. As for the external shareholders who include local community, govt, pressure groupings and local councils, their needs will be ethical business conduct, environmental protection, career, and corporate sociable responsibility.

How McDonald’s is definitely fulfilling these types of needs

For internal stakeholders

McDonald’s has comprehensive schooling programs that develop employees’ skills in different areas including customer service, communication, teamwork and leadership. The company understands that these skills are transferable and is used in a large number of sections of the business. McDonald’s in addition has partnered with National School of Ireland to develop a certificate in front collection management for the managers. All McDonald’s employees are usually encouraged enriching their education.

McDonald’s has become voted as one of the best companies to work for. It is because of its good employment policies that advance justness and modern employment methods. The company contains a diverse pool of personnel and it has formulated agreements that are flexible in reputation of this range. The company offers formulated an ethical code of conduct for its workers. This makes sure that it provides a great working state that inspires it employees, hence raising employees’ devotion and dedication to the organization. McDonald’s also applies available communication and participatory procedure towards making decisions as a way of employee engagement.

The company present opportunity to nurture talent and skills, develop leadership and reward success. The company thinks that the employees have to well paid out, and to this kind of end it offers good settlement package. The company also provides a working environment that enhances respect and inspires employees.

Exterior shareholders

The primary need for the local communities the place that the company runs is job creation. Accordingly, McDonald’s provides employed a large number of local people in the stores across the globe. The company also takes part in local activities as a method of taking part in local sociable activities.