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NIVEA FOR MEN planned to increase it is share in the UK man skincare market. This case study examines just how NIVEA re-launched the NIVEA FOR MEN selection in 2008.

This was part of its total plan to develop the range in the united kingdom. It displays how the firm developed an advertising plan for the relaunch and organised the marketing actions to achieve it is aims and objectives. The research focuses on how a company may respond to within consumer targets, external impact on and organization aims to attain those aims. 105 32184_NIVEA: NIVEA ANALYZE V6 23/6/09 15: 25 Page 2 Marketing involves identifying, looking forward to and rewarding customer requires. A marketing program takes the stated seeks and objectives and then puts in place a series of marketing actions to ensure these objectives will be achieved.

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Marketing plans can cover at any time period, but normally placed activities for the next one to five years in either a organization or company level. S BEI WEM T 5. NIVEA FOR GUYS the UK’s leading guy skincare manufacturer (IRI Data to 25th Dec 2008). Page three or more The promoting team collection SMART targets for the NIVEA MALES relaunch. These are generally Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Practical (given the available resources) and Period constrained (to be achieved with a given date). The advertising team utilized research data to outlook market tendencies over the next three-to-five years.

This helped them arranged specific goals for increasing sales, growing market share and improving the brand graphic. Beiersdorf wished to increase the UK business for NIVEA FOR MEN, although also desired greater industry penetration for male cosmetic products. Put simply, it needed not just a increased share of the existing market; it desired to expand that market.

It wanted even more men buying skincare goods. One important aim was to move males from only considering skin care products to making actual buys. It also was executed to sell more male skincare items to ladies. Research had indicated that ladies were often the initial customer of skincare products for a man.

NIVEA FOR A MAN used this key fact as a way to increase opportunities pertaining to sales. One other objective was to develop the NIVEA FOR GUYS brand picture. The NIVEA brand provides always was standing for good quality products which can be reliable, user friendly and value for money for money.

The brand’s main values happen to be security, trust, closeness and credibility. These kinds of values can be strengthened and expanded on with the re-launch, to get more males and females to think of NIVEA as first choice for skincare. Two strategies: This kind of focus on application combined with a great emphasis on client needs can be described as key differentiator for NIVEA FOR MEN. It is just a major reason why in the UK the brand name is still the market leader in the male cosmetic skincare market*. Another cornerstone of the UK marketing strategy pertaining to the re-launch was promo.

NIVEA sought to build as well as develop the approach it had used in yesteryear. In the eighties, advertising in men’s design and fashion magazines along with product sampling was a significant promotional application. In the 1990s, the company employed radio, television and press advertising as well as sampling. Since 2000, there have been a greater focus on consumer requirements and an increasing use of experiential activities inside the promotional combine. Experiential marketing is all about engaging customers through two-way communications that bring brand personalities alive and add benefit to the potential audience.

This helps build an psychological connection involving the brand plus the consumers. 2. NIVEA FOR MEN the UK’s leading men skincare company (IRI Data to 27th Dec 2008). 107 32184_NIVEA: NIVEA EXAMINE V6 23/6/09 12-15: 25 Site 4 It is necessary to get the marketing balance correct. NIVEA FOR MEN promoted the new launches of its products through a mixture of above-the-line and below-the-line promotion.

The application of sport was obviously a key element in this article. NIVEA FOR GUYS supported basketball events for a grass-roots level through its alliance with Powerleague to build positive relationships with men. This helped generate stronger brand affinity intended for NIVEA FOR A MAN among men. It also allowed the brand to build and maintain a frequent dialogue with men, which usually helps to travel sales.

Above-the-line promotion included television and cinema adverts, which reached a wide audience. By using links with sport, NIVEA FOR MEN was executed to build a positive male photo associated with man facial skincare. The brand also benefited coming from press advertorials in well-known men’s magazines, making the daily usage of their products more acceptable.

Promotions were used to attract new clients. For example , the distribution of totally free samples urged trial of NIVEA MALES products which in turn drove purchase. These offers have helped build up manufacturer awareness and consumer understanding which enhance the NIVEA FOR MEN brand presence. There is a dedicated NIVEA FOR MEN internet site to support its products and provide data to educate males on their cosmetic needs. To improve the brand a device called a Configurator’ was created online to help customers specify all their skin type and find the product that best suits the requirements.

Conclusion evaluating the master plan The Times Magazine Limited and MBA Publishing Ltd 2009. Whilst every effort have been made to ensure accuracy of information, neither the publisher nor the client can be held responsible to get errors of omission or commission. The marketing prepare is a cycle that starts and ends with analysis.

The final stage in the advertising plan should be to measure the results of the marketing activities against the original goals and goals. Continuous evaluation helps the marketing team to focus on modifying or introducing new activities to achieve objectives. 108 brand picture ratings NIVEA FOR MEN was the Ideal Skincare Range winner in the FHM Tidying Award 2008 for the fifth yr running. This kind of award was voted intended for by customers. It demonstrates that NIVEA FOR MEN has a extremely confident brand photo with buyers compared to other brands. merchandise innovation In response to consumer feedback and subsequent extensive product innovation and development, the NIVEA FOR A MAN range has become expanded plus the existing formulations improved.

These types of results present that, in the UK, the NIVEA FOR MEN re-launch met their overall goals, which was a tremendous achievement, thinking about the difficult financial state. The advertising plan for the re-launch utilized past functionality and outlook data to create a new marketing strategy. This constructed on the brand and company’s strengths to be given the increasing change of male attitudes to using skincare products. 4. Discuss just how effective you think the advertising plan for NIVEA FOR MEN have been.