Caring for Cooper City Essay

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There are many elements affecting the healthiness of this community. I believe deficiency of health education and use of health care will be the primary concerns. The problems of pinworms and anemia happen to be most preventable with care education and nutritional education. The large premature births and neonatal death level can be resolved with pre-natal education and care.

The capacity for the mothers and care givers to access these services can be impaired because of lack of entry to health care relevant to transportation and economics. A cultural tradition in many of Hispanic people is the two parents work on minimum pay out jobs without having benefits, although a family member takes care of several kids. This treatment giver is normally an older person (grand father or mother or aunt) and often does not understand or perhaps speak English language or is definitely an adolescent that is not able to travel.

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Because of the noted issues interacting with health care during business hours are reduced. It is difficult pertaining to the person which may have access to transportation and the one which speaks English to arrange some time to take the child and/or pregnant woman with their doctor visits Because a significant population with the Hispanics navigate to the Catholic House of worship getting the regional priest or possibly a trusted community involved might help with interacting with the population. Advice about the clinic, well being education classes, and setting up a clinic inside the Catholic Cathedral on the weekend may all be options to improving health care. Health education in the colleges is another way to obtain the message to the public.

A school health reasonable or school projects focused on prevention could possibly be ways to support educate the parents. Education of adolescent regarding birth control, pre-natal care and support is also methods to enhance the health of the community.. The look group will need to have many people of the community.

Having somebody from the town council, the area priest and pastor, an agent from the secondary school, a medical representative such as the local maryland, or nurse practitioner a social community representative and reps of the community business is the best activity force mix. Having the community leader’s get funds to supply free transport to the overall health clinics or having a portable health medical center to access the outlying populace. Another option is usually to have a clinic on the major employer’s place of business. Each of the suggested overall health options will require the support and dedication of the community.

As a community health health professional you can support and inspire that determination.