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Disaster supervision is a way to help when disasters happen but it is likewise to help stop them or to inform everybody about what can happen. The main function is to helping the residents to understand what is going on. The state will determine how severe the disaster is then the ones who are responsible for confirming to the suitable government or perhaps agency will make the recommendation to getting support for funding, support, and any emergency supplies to the people who are influenced by the disaster. The problems that happen can be unforeseen like earthquakes, while different natural unfortunate occurances could happen with some type of caution like water damage.

B. The state of California has guides that they employ that goes in to details about statewide policies, types of procedures, regulations, and any other information and facts that was developed and certified by the state offices, division of fund, department of general solutions, and the authorities offices (Disaster Management California Technology Agency State of California, 2013). III.

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Analyze local, state federal legal and regulatory requirements A. Occupational Protection and Overall health Administration (OSHA)- Has jurisdiction over all open public and private sector places of employment inside the state with exception of Federal employees, the USPS, private sector employers about Native American lands, maritime activities about navigate rivers of the ALL OF US, private installers on designated land under Federal legislation, and business employers that requires Government security clearance. B. Joint Commission of Accreditation of Health Care Agencies (JCAHO) C. The A bunch of states State Plan is operated below an agreement with OSHA.

It is an occupational protection and overall health program in agreement with Section 18 in the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Deb. Department of Health and Man Services (DHHS)- Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act, Skill with the Section of Homeland Security, Local Emergency Planners, Emergency Proper care Coordination Middle IV. Do they offer a Certificate of Need plan for your state? A. Certificate of Need (C.

O. In. ) courses are directed at restraining medical facility costs. The Health Organizing Resources Creation Act of 1974 was put into effect through the nation. Over the past 30 years, there were numerous improvements and about thirty six states maintain some type of CON program. This method was used to approve the development and enlargement of health care facilities and services based on determination and community require.

B. Washington dc does not already have a C. O. And. in effect. Back in 1969, the state of hawaii had implemented a C. O. N, ending in 1987. California’s C. Um.

N. software suffered from limited staffing and lack of info. V. Exactly what the issues to consider when ever meeting the International Building Code for a facility? A. New rules vs . Outdated codes B. Updates to I-Codes created by diverse group of officials we. Corridor size ii. almost eight feet of clear, unblocked width iii. Defend-in-place procedures iv.

Image and hearable fire sensors. v. Escalator Lobbies ni. Floor availabilities vii. Smoke control viii. Ceiling and smoke partitioning ix.

Completely Sprinkler hostipal wards x. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers xi. Decor on Wall. C. What Measurements may want to be done prior to the new program or reconstruction? i. Aural measurements to plan job zones accordingly to minimize sound levels ii.

Security measurements to ensure clear sightlines where required, specialized door access and/or any image monitoring by way of camera. iii. Measuring of equipment to ensure satisfactory planning of rooms iv. Safety measures Deb. List the stakeholders which may play a role in the development (Scott) Facility supervision i. Providers that are financially vested inside the company 2. Depending on size of facility, CEO, CFO, VP, etc . 3. Input coming from floor personnel to maximize location usage to get patients iv. Patients-their suggestions from potential comment playing cards or direct questioning in the way to improve their treatment from a facility point of view.

E. Realization i. Solid conclusion that provides details about what the State of California is definitely working toward accomplishing security awareness. 2. Existing disaster plans in california. iii. State of California has economic instability affecting citizens as well as service. Referrals Disaster Management A bunch of states Technology Agency Condition of Washington dc. (2013).

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Gathered from http://www. osha. gov/dcsp/osp/stateprogs/california. html Precisely what is disaster managing? (2012). Recovered from http://www. disastermanagement. in/2012/02/what-is-disaster-management. html Qualification of Will need: State Overall health Laws and Programs. (2011). Retrieved via http://www. ncsl. org/issues-research/health/con-certificate-of-need-state-laws. aspx