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1 . zero Design Context. The Currumbin Surf Your life Saving Golf club (SLSC) overall is a practical multi storey local club, due to its modern but ‘beachy’ looking style traits, which usually reflects the nearby up market location perfectly.

The club provides a capacity to chair around 200-250 guests from its sports tavern to dining area. The club can be found in a perfect spot suitable top of Currumbin rubble resulting in undisrupted views from the Gold Coast. 2 . 0 Design Examination 3. 1 External Design Features. The club is constructed with concrete with the outdoor of the membership consisting of a few colour obstructs white, light tanned dark brown and dark green (representing Vikings). From the carpark only the area of the building can be seen with top 50 percent Light bronzed brown and bottom green.

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This colour scheme that can be noticed from the carpark does not seem welcoming, as it is dark, boring and strong. From the beach front and the water the whole golf club can be seen using the white paint around the external area where there is usually open prepare windows and enormous balcony. The Surf Team site is usually on Currumbin beach with all the club framework expanded together with the rubble giving the club a competitive advantage over almost every other clubs as it the closest to the surf and provides undisrupted sights of the shoreline. Joined for the club is known as a large extra tall rock referred to as ‘Elephant Rock’ which has been put to use quite smartly as a keep an eye out, which is one more unique property for the club.

Aside form this kind of large natural structure surrounding space is definitely undisrupted as the houses and shops will be across the highway from the beach. The general part of the site contains the membership, the car area and the ordinary lookout. The style aspects of the area outside are incredibly minimal because the building is located on the seashore so it is unacceptable for any large scale landscaping or gardens.

The footpaths ultimately causing the building link up and meet the Council beach footpath ensuring that this flows. Large signage is erected around the entrance with the car park and so incoming traffic can easily see what the building is usually on the side with the building a significant mural is usually painted of the ‘Currumbin Vikings’ logo. The location of this browse club is really as close to the water any membership could get rendering it a massive draw card because of their members and guests.

Although its position is definitely appealing getting so near the ocean sets the browse club in times where the club is prone to adverse conditions such as cyclones, large swells and risky winds in the end impacting around the structural honesty of the team. The car area is exterior is maintained well since it must stand all the factors including tidal surges. The space has a ability to fit around 60 cars also public car parking within 100m.

The club is situated along one of the Translink bus ways and offers frequent companies running north and south. Alternatively the clubs cost-free shuttle could be utilised within a 5km radius (Currumbin Beach Vikings T. L. S i9000. C) so that it is very attainable.

The club is situated around the 2nd level with the main entrance over a set of pretty large stairways, which makes it extremely hard for particular needs guests to conquer. The golf club has mounted an electronic chair lift for those who have special requirements but to reach the couch lift you cannot find any wheel couch ramp, they need to be elevated up a smaller flight of stairs (5) making the chair lift up impractical. installment payments on your 2 Inside Design Features. The internal design of the area is quite roomy with the services areas positioned on one aspect and tavern tables and dining tables situated on the reverse side leading to be able to the available balcony giving all friends a view with the ocean.

The inside is white in shade giving it a modern day look; while they haven’t taken away the surf membership feel using floor floor tiles with a sandy coloured rinse giving the club a pleasant ‘beachy’ structure. The social facilities offered at the search club incorporate administration area, designated meals ordering region and café, bar/drink assistance area, dining area, live sports entertainment area, gaming room (pokies) and toilets. The food buying area is found at the far side of the assistance area while using food menu situated in the center of the membership on a rod away from the placing your order area therefore guests need to look initially then increase to purchase which causes blockage.

The bar is pretty large with 2 services areas with huge selection of beers and spirits likewise showcasing a wine selection area. The bar has a wonderful marble countertop, which is complimented with a smooth scattered tile design. The sporting entertainment area can be large with large toned screen and smaller monitors with keno available.

The gaming space is separate to the golf club and is accessed by a door to ensure underneath 18’s are not able to enter. The way in which in which the services counters had been positioned on one particular side of the venue has given the club more control over the club with regards to guests and congestion inside the club by simply creating a free of charge flowing walkway between the assistance areas and tables allowing for guests to simply walk in and out with no causing key congestion. Signs stating the exits in the club likewise ensures that guests are aware of their particular surroundings.

The region in which guests can dine consists of inside with wide open plan windows looking towards Burleigh/Surfers Paradise and out on the balcony looking out to the water. As the club is on the seashore night conditions can be great so enough heating is available with gas stoves out on the porch and warming inside. The balcony provides large standing umbrellas hanging down thus guests happen to be out of the sunlight but still making use of the natural light. As the club has got the up stair function place it enables the membership to be far more flexible and supply services to cater for new trends.

This kind of room likewise allows the club to develop and have a contingency plans set up to ensure that if perhaps something would have been to happen there is room to cater for guests and ensure not any major affects on the golf club are brought on. The clubs location, companies and services give the area a good advantage in looking to obtain friends and salary. The Currumbin area has a lot of café styled restaurants so there exists competition in the area so that it is important for the club to host incidents.

The club hosts live local and national music acts every single weekend (Currumbin Beach Vikings S. L. S. C), promotional days and nights and the Vikings has nippers on through the summer so through out the season the club has various events to cater for all guests making sure the club is taking as much profits generations as possible. On inspection the club had zero signs of vandalism, which exhibits the night clubs identity in the Currumbin community as being their very own local Browse Club. three or more. 0 Develop and Assess Solutions. three or more.

1 Problem: Colour Scheme of Building facing carpark. The solutions established to improve the front facing wall incorporate firstly painting the wall membrane to match with the remaining portion of the club or secondly setting up a mural highlighting the beach and Vikings to put on the wall structure. The advantages of these solutions would assist in improving the benefit of the club to associates and the average person also offering the building a fresh and different feel. The main weakness in regard to alterations of the building would be member’s inertia to modify as they relate the colours with the building. This problem can be ranked best, as it would be easy and simple for the golf club to adopt. several.

2 Difficulty: Building Internet site Prone to Adverse Weather Conditions. While this problem is of a natural nature it helps it be difficult to create effective alternatives but making sure the right precautions are taken when preparing for the hard storms would be imports and monitoring these incidents would be a essential element in reducing damage also. These solutions will help to make certain that as little harm is done to the venue as possible also gives decision makers of the location the ability to have quick action and maximize protection in the event events are predicted to worsen.

This matter is positioned number 5 in terms of relevance and feasibility, as it is hard to determine just how severe the poker site seizures may be. several. 3. Problem: Electronic Chairlift Situated above a Trip of Stairways. In order to resolve this issue can be essential to construct a system to join the electronic chairlift to the ground level or create a wheel couch ramp. The value of this answer it would make certain that all friends are able to take advantage of the services offered at the team also it would help to improve relationships with these kinds of guests.

The weaknesses to the solution consist of the construction would affect the entrance to the team and also the expense would be large. This problem is usually ranked number 3 because of the cost associated with the change. three or more. 4 Trouble: Food Menu is not really Clearly Obvious.  The simplest and most effective way to correct this problem is to replace the existing menu location or add to it simply by installing a menu plank above the ordering area also complementing that by placing menu board at the access of the location.

This will allow guests to easily observe what is at a restaurant whilst browsing line easing congestion and in addition gives basic passers by simply an ide of the particular club is offering. The weak points could be the managers do not wish to have the men’s displayed in this fashion also there would be a cost with fitting the structure. This matter is placed number 2 as it is an easy correct and the costs would be nominal.