Child Custody and Support Laws Should Be Changed Essay

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Published: 04.09.2019 | Words: 476 | Views: 577
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Present child custody and support laws do not make any kind of sense. They generally penalize hard working parents and cede parents from kids they love. These regulations must be re-examined and modified so that the welfare of children be served at all times.

John Johnson lives along with his new better half and her four children, ages 5 to 14. He is the simply father these youngsters include known, and he offers them out of all ways that a father need to. John Jones must pay out $1, 000 to his ex-wife, a female he divorced 12 years ago, but with which he had two children, ages 13 and 12-15.

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He scarcely sees his children, then when he will, the situation is strained as well as the children act like they would somewhat be elsewhere. John believes that he would rather have had primary custody of his children: he would have took part more definitely in their childhood, and he’d have slept closer to all of them, and he would have made a much better parent that their mom. He resents that having been not provided the opportunity to be closer to his children; instead, the process of law had given custody with her; she was their mom, and that was all that measured.

Now, they are almost unknown people to him. John can be angry that the system is keeping him hostage to his ex-wife by simply mandating that he spend her $1, 000 monthly, even though they’ve been single for more than a decade, even though the girl refuses to seek out employment to contribute to her children’s support, even though he or she must struggle to make ends meet with his new family. John Smith is usually one of several million single men with had very little control over decisions of custody of the children and kid support.

These men feel that while implemented, these laws favor the moms and pressure men into choosing to become deadbeat dads. Show status of situation: how a large number of children are in divorced homes; what percentage of das get custody of the children; show just how in a normal situation, mothers get guardianship, and fathers paay support. This situation need to change, laws must be designed to treat all equitably and fairly, and in this particular case, the primary matter should be the welfare of the kids in divorce situations. My spouse and i. Custody decisions should be depending on who is the better parent or guardian II. As far as possible, both father and mother should have equivalent access to youngsters III.

Child support rules should demand equally from both parents IV. Rules should enable non-custodial parent or guardian enough financial situation to live his or her life Sixth is v. Payment needs to be linked to visiting, etc