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Since the world has turned into a “global village”, the gap between persons or rather the classes has become widened. Technology has brought ground-breaking changes in each of our society. It has brought the whole planet to our finger tips.

Today, a person living in the US or in any other region can easily communicate with his family members or friends. Yes, marketing communications is much quicker now and a time-saving process. However the thoughts, the feelings and the attachment associated with writing a letter has all recently been lost over the last couple of years. Social sites like Facebook and tweeter are the modern ways of writing our emotions with our around and special ones. These kinds of modern way of communication appear to be meaningful means of communication but in reality include negative effects.

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The privacy of your person is present nowhere on these alleged social sites. But the paradox is we all still praise the West for providing us this kind of a great system for conntacting our family and friends. Almost every technology provides a bright and dark side to it, its positive and negative repercussions.

About a handful of decades again, communicating with a family member or friend was not as easy as it is today. We utilized to correspondence each twice per month to inform all of them about the newest happenings. We were deeply mixed up in communication process.

We were and so excited when speaking to our parents or friends although calling all of them from overseas. But today, this kind of emotions can easily hardly always be witnessed. Unavoidably, we are high – tech but we’ve been morally and spiritually destabilized. We are going towards ethnic decadence since that time technology has changed into a part of lives. It seems like we have sunk into an ocean of nothingness.

By making use of the latest technology, fake IDs can easily be manufactured. Besides, you may post destructive content to defame a relative or perhaps friend. You may also do it out of envy or if you need to take vengeance for anything. Determining if technology can be described as boon or perhaps bane will not be easy.

However , In my opinion it has more evil effects than very good. Technology has taken over nearly every aspect of existence – whether it be personal, sociable or specialist. Even youngsters are not remaining untouched by the growing trend of the most current gadgets and apps. “It all started with wise classes and after this these programs and gadgets have taken over almost every component to our lives.

My own neighbour’s girl reads from the tab and then goes to sleep, ” says Sarika Khanna, mother of a nineteen year old via and resident of Unit Gram. “As a child We wouldn’t sleeping until my mother will sing us a lullaby. My daughter has also been raised this way. But what we see today is unbelievable, ” the girl adds. Looking up a child with an apple ipad tablet or tab in their hands is rather than an unusual web page these days. Although development in technology is definitely an achievement in itself, what goes on when it starts to replace individuals in your existence?

What to do every time a 3-year-old depends on their tablet for sleeping? “At time when a mom is busy with various games and software like Temple Run, Candy Crush, Whatsapp and Facebook . com, what do we expect from kids? ” asks Ruchika Arora, who runs a kindergarten. “This reliance on technology could be a boon since it helps in keeping abreast while using latest occurrences, but best places to draw the limit? ” There are a lot of applications that focus on specific age ranges and are a great hit also. Today anything that a mother could possibly train a child is definitely available on Internet. In fact a large number of even state they do be based upon the Internet to get parenting ideas. “Internet is indeed vast and has the understanding of almost everything that people need today.

I have downloaded some online games and stories for my personal daughter to ensure that she can learn new things. I don’t see whatever wrong with this, ” says Sapna Khanna, mom of a 4 year old and resident of Kitchlu Nagar. Applications just like sing and find out colors that teach kids to identify hues, pocket phonetics for lessons on pronunciation, peek-a-boo online games for little ones and a lot of various other educational andentertainment games can be obtained these days. “One can easily find information regarding the greatest applications for toddlers to hold them busy. What I don’t understand is that how come a toddler demands all these applications?

What offers happened to real gadgets and home learning? ” asks Shikha Puri, a child specialist in the city. “These not only include serious implications on their physical health, yet affects their particular mental overall health too. It is like upgrading the function of a mom. Many may well argue that the things i am declaring is hyperbole, but they should realize that with time the child may get detached from your real world and it’s not a good sign, ” she brings.

Technology today has provided us the two Nuclear system and Medications that could remedy the unthinkable of pain and diseases. It has offered us a much better opportunity to preach and instruct knowledge to prospects less happy, those who are not able to hear or perhaps see or perhaps speak and understand their language and be one and at the same time it has made it possible to grow in large numbers and preach out flexibility to one. Technology creates alternatives. Options bring about confusion. A guy getting into a crowded tour bus will sit on any available seat.

The same man within an empty shuttle bus will speculate whether he should take a seat in the the front or again, window or perhaps aisle…. Make a mistake why My spouse and i am actually talking about this all. Without technology there wouldn’t be busses! Options besides creating dilemma also create conflict.

Technology creates wishes, wants and more wants. The moment you satisfy few of them, many more increase their hydra head. To conclude, we think that Technology is a must.

It’s a Boon but it will surely stay thus forever. With out it we’re able to not have experienced this issue. We would not realize that it will be easy to go past the age of 85 and still be fit and healthy.

Technology has considering the fact that to us today 3 IN A LINE AGAIN! WAHOO~~ SAY SAY SAY~~ Technology is a two-edged sword, a single side should be to hurt enermy (boon) and the other hurt ourself (bane). It is by no means fair to state that technology is either a boon or maybe a bane mainly because it brings benefits and problems to all of us. I would declare technology is a drug, and we are addicted. We are not able to live neither do anything anymore without technology.

Comparing living longer with out technology and shorter life span with technology everywhere, and what will you choose? We bet that majority will never go for the simple life. Once you tried technology when, you happen to be fascinated by the convenience of it, there is not any way anybody can reject this by any means; because technology means lots of holes and blood retained and litres of sweat had been saved (without reference to Automobile CADD), simply no body would want to choose things you can do on the hard way.

Even so, technology can be advancing in a tremendous tempo, and it means that data will be out of date really fast. So in the event one weren’t able to keep pace with the latest technology, they will be disqualified by world without a darkness of a question. Hence, is definitely technology continue to a advantage? Yes and no. Yes for it stored us warm under tough condition, kept us lots of time (without reference to Car CADD), manufactured things hassle-free for us (but not so for engineers who study electrical components), made our your life more enjoyable and relax, give us with top quality vegetables, solved many complications for Singapore (eg. the extension of area, new water and many more), improving devices that can serve us better and many other more.

No for doing it destroy various natural refuge during gathering of methods, have to operate harder while more progress technology means services presented must be of the higher common, people will be outdated easier when disregarding the television for too long, key cause of various natural unfortunate occurances nowadays, lesser personal conversation due to advent of handphones and emails, the use of indivisible weapons in war and many other more. To conclude, there were too many factors for people to think about and evaluate; but what in the event that technology is indeed a bane? Will we certainly not depend on that anymore? Technology is component to us; all of us cannot be separated till as soon as we no longer breath in and out.

May twenty-four, 2007 by 12: 11 PM andy u said that tecnology is a lot like a medication and is addicting. i dissagree with your point. people are more reliant than addicted to that. however the government are trying to fix the problem of individuals being tooreliant to technology. in supplementary sch CCA are also made for another reason, to make the students remember not to always be too dependent on technology(ncc, nppcc, OBS, mount ophir expeition etc . ]. also, more and more shows on television happen to be telling people to be more fewer reliant on technology straight and indirectly(commercial, captian planet (a very…old cartoon)). May possibly 24, 3 years ago at 1: 27 PM Technology by means of computer can be described as ubiquitous feature of modern life.

Whether it is by a cafe paying the bill or going to the Automated Teller Machine to withdraw cash, we see arsenic intoxication computers. Certainly, I agree the fact that benefits of the pc cannot be disputed, and it is valuable because it provides us a window for the world. Yet , there were always tiny very little flaw in every single diamond, and weak point in every single considered “real-blessing” stuff. What I mean was the invention of a lot of really unneeded commercial item, and so called “educational material”.

That is what I think made technology a bane. I agree that technology perform benefit all of us, but NOT IN SUCH A WAY! Each time a module such as this is being introduced to Polytechnics, how many electrical power, time and money would be wasted? Is a boon or a bane?

Different people may have different opinions. I dare not declare mine is a hundred percent appropriate, but it reaches least the bane of technology experienced by myself. May twenty-four, 2007 at 11: 08 AM