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The single information technology system that holds the most potential for my firm is Electric Health Data (EHR). The corporation I am associated with is actually a small orthopedic surgery practice that homes five medical doctors. Each doctor operates because an independent personal corporation and maintains someone chart for every patient. When a patient visits multiple physicians within the medical clinic, the patient will have multiple graphs.

The medical records area houses all of the charts for all your physicians. An EHR system would lessen storage space, let physicians to have better information access when ever treating patients already found by additional physicians within the clinic, and minimize costs in supplies to get paper graphs and medical records personnel. EHR devices are supposed to increase the quality of patient care and rejuvenate practices simply by saving the care system by 77. 8 billion annually (Baron, 2005).

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Roughly 78% of physicians in the us operate in practices with fewer than 8 physicians (Baron, 2005). Therefore , overcoming and understanding the hurdles these small practices deal with will be necessary in effective EHR systems. EHR devices work in reducing repetitive operations such as health professional prescribed refills and documenting, real-time, conversations with patients pertaining to better continuity of attention.

The major limitations of EHR systems will be initial costs, training, and long-term support. In all, a great EHR system would allow doctors in our small practice to communicate more clearly with patients for the telephone, send important information proficiently to different specialists, use less time paging through charts for obscure lab beliefs, and allow physician’s access to current health information without needing to leave the area and disrupt a patient come across. By far, an EHR system would have the single most effect in my organization.