The Alligator River Story Essay

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I think one of the most unethical person in “The Alligator Water Story” is Gregory. In the point of view Gregory is the most unethical person in the story. Since the story explains to that Abigail and Gregory are lovers, as the man in the relationship he must have obtain the effort and made his efforts to cross the river in able to be with her enthusiast Abigail for the opposite coast.

Although, Abigail is in adored with her lover, it really is unethical pertaining to Gregory in order to let Abigail take the hard work and get across the river to be with him. Therefore , Gregory should understand his responsibility as the lover of Abigail to protect her coming from harm.           � “The Alligator River Story” is a adventure in which expose different dishonest actions about its personas. In the account I have discovered more than one dishonest issue.

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The first one is the underhanded issue on Gregory, as being a man he should have used the bigger responsibility to cross the river in capable of being with her lover Abigail on the other banks of the riv. The second the first is the underhanded issue on Sinbad if he asks Abigail to go with him in bed in exchange for the favor that Abigail elevates to him. Although, Sinbad had happy his promise to Abigail to take her across the riv jam-packed with alligators it can be unethical to adopt advantage on the desperation of Abigail to be in his campany Gregory on the opposite coast of the river.

Another unethical issue is definitely the scenario by which Ivan turned down his friend Abigail to assist her combination the riv and be with Sinbad. Like a friend Ivan should have offer enough interest on the problem of Abigail, it is dishonest for him to just reject right away with no trying to help Abigail.           � If I would have been to give tips for Abigail, I will definitely tell her to get very careful onto her actions. The focal point of my tips for Abigail will be in decision making.

Though, desperate that she is Abigail should not be reckless with her decision in order to accomplish her dilemma. Abigail should consider what would be the best for her, she will need to think critically before the girl makes her decision. Also, Abigail must be aware on the effects of her decision in able to maximize efficient decision, which will definitely protect her to any harm. With this I i am confident that Abigail will probably be protected from harm and danger.           � As a audience, I fully agree to the writer about the research of the underhanded issues in the story of “The Alligator River Story”.

In the composition of the copy writer about this history, I fully agree to the writer for the answer that one of the most unethical person in “The Alligator River Story” is definitely Gregory, which in turn he supported with reliable reason that Gregory ought to be the one to cross the lake as a gentleman and as the lover of Abigail. Also, I fully agree to the writer that Gregory needs to be responsible while the man inside the relationship together with his lover of Abigail. Therefore , I agree when the writer declared that Gregory should be the one to help make the effort and cross the river in able to be with Abigail. Eventually I entirely agree on the Answers and reasons in the writer in its article about “The Alligator Water Story”