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1 ) Why are Ms, Intel, and other leading intended for profit companies interested in cheap computers for the developing world? In 2005, Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of MIT’s Media Labs, declared the One Laptop per Kid (OLPC) plan at the Community Economic Community forum. The concept was simple and appealing. Innovate a $100 laptop and deliver it to children inside the developing world’s governments.

The vision was for bridging the digital divide between developed and developing nations. The OLPC was a non-profit project for the expanding nation’s college going students’ for their better education. The OLPC made buzz from the first day time of announcement for its affordable and its not profit motivation for growing country’s kids. Though the company like Ms and Intel is leading profit for organization that they interested in OLPC project.

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Since the project was for the developing countries school heading student who don’t have enough opportunity to master like created county’s children and don’t have capability to afford the technology device intended for higher selling price. So as the key organization Microsoft and Intel have the sociable responsibility to get the expanding country’s children and they also start to see the opportunity to carry out social welfare with developing branding in people minds. On the other hand the OLPC was started with their rivalry organization just like Linux and Advanced Mini Devices (AMD).

So if the OLPC job succeeds the business like Apache and AMD can produce threat for leading monopoly business. So from their sociable responsibility perspective and for the marketing that belongs to them brand names in to people heads they interested in low cost computes for the developing community. 2 . Will you agree with Negroponte’s decision to partner with Microsoft company? Yes I do agree with the Negroponte’s Alliance decision with company just like Microsoft which can be very much dependable and reliable name with this computer sector for their operating-system and computer software.

The OLPC project was an driven vision to get Negroponte to educate the expanding world’s institution going kids by providing low cost laptop computer. As he announced the lap top will be low cost and cost will be the bucks 100 money for each therefore he uses the Linux operating system which can be nonproprietary and available for free to anyone who wants to use. But it didn’t work, In 2008 OLPC faced discouraging sales because the country’s just like Libya and Nigeria whom pledges to buy about one million for each country’s people both backed away those pledges and the expense increase $180 to $190 range.

Hence the brand name like Linux had not been reliable intended for the mass population of the world and they sensed insecure with this operating system. However some homebuyers worried about having less Microsoft’s windows operating system. As a way the OLPC didn’t succeed the way it was estimated thus Negroponte needed to collaborate with all the Microsoft to enhance its revenue and add more customer satisfaction by Microsoft brand name. 3. Assess the thinking in back of the “give one, get one” promo.

Do you think this is a good marketing tactic? In November 2007, so that you can increase production, OLPC released the campaign of” Try, Get One”. The OLPC team started out this campaign to grab industry attention with their nonprofit ambitious project.

Mainly because prior to the initiative’s launch, the OLPC was a fascinating demo of software and hardware ingenuity, although actual device sales and donations have been far smaller than originally predicted. The G1G1 program was designed to change that, offering individual consumers the opportunity to buy two laptops pertaining to $399. Although tactic of “Give A single, Get One” is extreme marketing strategies to acquire market share and capitalize about its competitive strengths. Although aggressive promoting tactic like Give one, Purchase one always law the all types of products.

But the OLPC project had strong competent like Intel Classmate. So to grab the attention of mass persons and gain maximum market share and attain the goal of producing country’s poor children education this marketing tactic was good for the project. Since OLPC declared two weeks give one get one promotion first nevertheless for its big response to the markets they increased their marketing offer period.